Wednesday 18 September 2013

Of new boots, wonderful gifts and clubbing apparel

What is this you say? Another post from Cemetery Dreams, in the same week?! I'm surprising even myself!

The main reason I'm making this post is to say a massive and slightly overdue thank you to Victorian Kitty of Sophistique Noir for sending me 2 lovely blouses =]. I received them a couple of weeks ago but didn't immediately have a chance to wear either (it's back to woolly jumpers at work already). I put together this outfit using one of them today though. I really love this blouse but it's a little tight in the bust for me (shock horror) so I have to leave the top button undone. I started to think of ways of wearing it with something underneath and immediately thought of this dress:

Sorry for the poor lighting, this was taken in my old room at dad's and it gets a very bright at sunset! It makes my black tights look a slightly odd colour too for some reason. Also forgive me for not drying my hair before I took the picture.

What I'm wearing:
Blouse: Living Dead Souls, gift from Victorian Kitty
Dress: New Look, I got it earlier this year and I can't remember how much ti was
Boots: New Look. These are new. £29.99
Velvet Choker: Handmade by me.

I've just brought these great boots as a replacement for the shoes I repaired in this post which finally gave up the ghost. The soles split right across the toes on both feet so there was no way to save them =[. I couldn't afford to spend enough to get real leather, but at least these are cheaper than those shoes were! Also they are really soft and comfy with grippy soles perfect for the autumn weather.

This outfit is one I'd like to wear when I go to Leeds to visit some old friends at the end of the month, the goth scene is much bigger there than it is here and I've been promised a weekend of club nights! I'm very excited! This was just a trial run, I may decide that this outfit isn't OTT enough and add some more accessories though. What do you guys think? I wish I could order one of these ribcage belts to go with it but they are sold out at the moment.

I'd forgotten about this choker because it was hiding at the back of my jewellery box but I think I'll have to wear it more often again! I'm also going to try to get some nice soft narrow lace trim and make some more for my Etsy shop =]


  1. You are so pretty, i liked your outfit, it was very nice . I have a ask, Is sophistique noir some store? I loved the blouse you won:)

    I'm following you, are you follow me???

    Thanks darling ♡

    1. Aww thank you *blushes*

      Sophistique Noir is a fellow blogger, there is a link to her blog in the post =] I didn't win the blouses, they were a present because she ordered them and found they didn't fit but it was too late to return them =]

      I'll check out your blog now!

  2. Your outfit is very lovely :3 I think one of those ribcage belts would also look really nice with it ^^ I've been craving one myself for quite some time now XD

    1. I've wanted one for ages too! I think i'll have to keep an eye out to see when they come back into stock!

  3. You look lovely :). I think the blouse looks very good even though it's open; also, it's a good thing that you found that choker 'cause it's really cute. I really like this outfit.
    Also, I wouldn't worry about dying your hair or not, I didn't even pay attention to that XD!

    1. thank you =] I think it works open because the neckline is low anyway.

      I almost never dry my hair - I just leave it to dry naturally so it's often wet for half the day and I worry that people think I'm really lazy! I just have hair that hates blow drying though - it starts to fall out in clumps if I heat it regularly! I'm glad that you didn't notice though =P

  4. I think it looks great, buttoned or unbuttoned! I can hardly wait to see the other blouse Ms. Kitty sent you. Wasn't that sweet of her!! :o)

    1. I'm going to have to wait for another special occasion, it's very pretty though! It also fits better in the bust =P

      I know, she's so lovely and I'm so very lucky =]