Saturday 3 November 2018

Batty Challenge Week 3

Hello everyone!

I'm really behind with posting my October outfits from my Bat Challenge here, but I am determined to get back on track because social media is so ephemeral and I'm worried its easy to lose the memories there!

Day 15
I wore this super fun t-shirt that was one of my leaving presents from Sarehole Mill. It was from an Etsy store but I'm not sure which one. It's a boys large size, sometimes being pint-sized is useful!

Also I got my first pair of glasses, and felt drunk everytime I wore them because distances were different. I am still not used to them, but I can at least wear them without getting a headache now!

Day 16
My outfit was a repeat but I did wear new Hallow-Queen socks from New Look (3 pairs for £5!)

Day 17
We checked into the hotel where my friends wedding was going to be held the next day. 
It was amazing, like Hogwarts! And the grounds were a deer park! This was the view from our window. 

When we get the professional photos back, I will ask her if I can share some here! We had dinner in the restaurant there which was really fancy (like dessert was bigger than some of the main courses fancy) and I meant to take my headband off but forgot... That's probably worse than elbows on the table! 

Day 18
When I started this challenge I forgot to take into account that I was being a bridesmaid during the month. This was my solution. A photo of the pj's I wore while I got my hair done. My the top and leggings are from ASOS, a couple of years ago. The print on the top glows in the dark but it's crumbling away sadly. 

Even if I don't post any other photos from the wedding, I promise to scan in the silly photo booth pictures so you can see my dress and cape!

Day 19
The day after the wedding, I was really tired even though it wasn't a particularly late night and I didn't drink a lot. I think it was an introvert hangover of sorts, either way when we got home I slept for 4 hours in the afternoon! 
Before that though I wore this black cat theme outfit. I love this dancing days skirt- it was a Christmas present from my mum. 

Day 20

The next day I was back at work and needed the comfort of my fluffy ghost jumper while tackling my email backlog from being off for 3 days (78 unread, after I deleted the definitely junk ones). Headband was a present from one of my volunteers which made me smile! The jumper is from Primark.

Day 21
For the end of week 3 I added the mini witch hat and some black and purple striped tights to another ghost jumper outfit.

I realised after I wore them that those tights have been in my wardrobe for 13 years! Crazy huh?  I guess my style hasn't changed that much!