Tuesday 19 June 2012

I have an interview!

I'm really very excited right now because I didn't expect to hear back from this company at all! They are a local wholesale company that sell all sorts of cool giftware! The position I'm applying for is a web assistant post which would be so amazing =]

I only found out today and the interview is tomorrow morning but I'm quite glad because that means less time to get nervous!

I had a hard time picking what to wear for the interview because none of my black trousers fit properly at the moment (I have some that fit when I'm at my lightest and some for when I put on weight but right now I'm between the two sets!) and the only white shirt I own is really unflatteringly baggy.

I chose this outfit because (hopefully) it looks professional and still shows a little of my personality. I wanted to wear this necklace because the design actually reminds me of some of the cool things they sell and it's a bit  quirky =]

Once again please ignore my wet hair; when they phoned I was in the middle of painting the kitchen door! I had to jump straight in the shower and wash all the paint off!

What I'm wearing:
Jacket: My trusty Miss Selfridge one, you've all seen it before!
Shirt: Warehouse, I think it was about £20 but I'm not sure because I brought it in 2007 to wear to my interview at Oxford uni!
Grey strap top: Not sure you can see it, it's under the blouse to prevent cleavage display! £2 New Look via charity shop
Skirt: Next. Present from mum
Tights: Present from my auntie. I think they were from TK Maxx
Necklace: Handmade by a Welsh Jeweller, my brother's mum brought it back for me =]

For my make-up I'm just going to wear a minimum of eye-liner and some light grey eye-shadow (plus concealer!) and I'll probably put my hair into a low bun.

The lady that phoned about the interview sounded really nice so hopefully the interview itself won't be too scary!
Wish me luck?


  1. That's wonderful news! You look fantastic, and good luck!

  2. Good luck with your interview. Just be yourself. If the person on the other side of the deck seems to intimidate you just imagine them sat on the toilet.

  3. Awesome! Good luck on your interview. You look great. :)