Thursday 4 October 2012

Blue Thursday

Ok, it doesn't have quite the same ring to it as Blue Monday but both of the outfits I am posting both contain blue garments so I couldn't resist.

This is an outfit I wore to work when I wanted to add some subtle touches of Magique Victorienne flair.

I like to think that I look like a casual witch ready to read tea leaves for her fairy friends =P

What I'm wearing:
Shrug: via a charity shop, I added the trim myself; velvet ribbon and eyelet lace.
Strap top: New Look many years ago.
Skirt: H & M for my 17th birthday.
Lace Skirt: New Look, later the same year
Blue Tights: present from my auntie last Xmas
Lace tights: Primark, 2 quid
Witchy boots: Rag Market. I think they cost about a fiver.
Neclace: from my wonderful friend Sam for my birthday 2 years ago.

I also have to show you 2 different ways of wearing the same dress. It's a check dress with blue rose print that I got a couple of years ago. It shrunk horribly in the wash; so the sleeves are a bit short and the skirt is indecently short. So I can't wear it on it's own any more.

In the top picture I am wearing it with a velvet skirt my friend Anya gave me. I stitched the waist-tie from the dress around the bottom to make it look like a matching outfit. In the other outfit I'm wearing the dress as a blouse under my pinafore (because I don't like to wear full length skirts to work; too many things in the office to fall over!). I went to town shopping in the morning, then changed my skirt before work in the afternoon =]

What I'm wearing:
Dress: M Butterfly. 20 quid.
Scarf (as belt): present many years ago.
Capelet: Phaze. I've featured it before here
Chocker: Handmade by me.

Pinafore: Miss Selfridge. I posted an outfit with in a couple of days ago (it really is one of my favourite things to wear at the moment).
Cardigan: Miss Selfridge, sale 2 years ago.


  1. I like the look of the layered tights! That capelet is also very lovely!

    1. I do love layering tights; although I must admit I started doing it for warmth! I love the cape too; I should wear it more often!

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