Wednesday 26 December 2012

I return from the grave, but not unscathed...

Hello to all of my readers, I have a netbook again and I'm back to blogging! How I have missed it. I've been reading posts on my lunch breaks at work, but not being able to leave comments or reply to the ones I've had has been hard =[. Thank you all for sticking around and awaiting my return =]

Yesterday I got my lovely new netbook, but It's going to be a while before I return to full functionality; it came with Windows 7 - but it turns out to just be a starter edition which means I can't do a lot of things (including change my desktop wallpaper for some reason!), I'm going to try and invest in a full edition as soon as I can.

I also don't have any photo editing software at the moment, except Paint, which is a tiny bit too basic (even for someone that still uses a version of PaintShop Pro that was made for Windows 1998 =P). So you'll all have to bear with me a tiny bit!

After my long absence I thought the most appropriate post would be the pictures I took in Cathays Cemetery, which was really beautiful, very serene and well tended with some stunning memorials. I apologize for the poor lighting in these pictures; December light on a rainy day isn't the most interesting!

Main entrance gate

Anglican and Dissenter's Chapels (sadly the Catholic chapel has been totally lost)

Some of the memorials in the oldest part of the cemetery, notice how many obelisks and other kinds of pedestal tombs there are.

 Memorial to Frank Baselow, the statue is thought to represent his young wife and child.

Memorial to Sydney White which features 2 angels and a statue of Jesus as a shepherd.

I will be returning to Cathay's at some point in the spring to finish my recording, so I'll take more pictures then when I hope the weather will be a little better; we only managed 3 hours in the cemetery each day on this visit because after that our fingers were too numb to hold the tape measure or write anything down!

This week I'm hoping to post some pictures of my Christmas crafting projects and show you all some of the lovely gifts I received yesterday!


  1. A new computer is always a love/hate thing. Yes, it's newer and faster and all, but it takes forever to get everything transferred over and working the way you want. :P

    Beautiful cemetery pictures - I don't think I'd want to be around the Baselow memorial at night - it looks pretty creepy around there! :o)

    1. Oh completely, that is why I had my old one repaired even when it wasn't really worth it!

      Funny you should say that, the area around the Baselow memorial was one of the oddest parts of any cemetery I've ever visited, we found a foxes jaw bone on the grave behind his!