Thursday 11 July 2013

SOS - Save Our Shoes

It been a long time since I posted a craft project, I've been so lazy lately! I've not done much that wasn't an emergency fix for a while.

These shoes are the ones which I brought when I started my job last summer, seen here.

I'm majorly clumsy though so the toes got wrecked by me tripping over all the time, I can't be trusted to walk even in this kind of heel! The shoes aren't real leather so when they scuffed it revealed that the leather effect surface was only thin and beneath the shoes are grey with a woven fabric appearance. Next time I'll check the label a lot more carefully before I spend £50 on shoes!

 I couldn't afford new shoes for the conferences I recently attended so followed this tutorial, with black cotton fabric and black lace. I also added black lace laces, which I got in Claire's accessories. 

Beware, this process is not really weatherproof, at least not when I did it! Luckily I took some glue with me to make running repairs! I've been patching them up for a month now (because I don't actually need properly smart shoes very often so I spent any money I could have spent on shoes on my lolita stuff instead =P

This is what they look like today:

Not too shabby eh?

I hope this is a useful tip for others too. If it saves you any money on shoes you should donate to Trystan of This Is CorpGoth and help her say F**k You to Cancer! I've made a small donation and hopefully will be able to do so again next month. Here in the UK, the NHS means that no one has to pay for medical insurance or treatment; it's free at the point of use for everyone (paid for by taxes) and I've never felt so lucky; I wish the rest of the world was the same (the NHS has it's faults and inconsistencies but the basic principal is wonderful). 

In the next week I'll hopefully be posting pictures from a recent trip to Wales and the long-awaited results of the photoshoot (once I get over my dumb facial expressions =P).


  1. What a sweet idea, Cemetery Dreamer. I wish my donation could have been larger, too. But if we all can do just a little bit, surely it will help relieve some of Trystan's financial pressure.

    Wales sounds nice! I saw my very first ever hedgehog there! LOL

    1. Every little helps =]

      I do love wales, didn't see any hedgehogs there this weekend, but I did see wild ponies!