Monday 15 October 2018

Batty Challenge Week 2

So I'm back again and hoping that I will stick around after the challenge, at least for a while because I will have cool things to blog about. We just brought our first place- it's going to be so much fun to decorate it! On a very small scale- it's the world's tiniest maisonette!

This week was really busy because of that so some of the photos aren't great. Sorry!

Day 8

This wasn't a particularly exciting outfit because one of the forms for the house wasn't correctly witnessed so I had to go get another copy, take it to my partner at work so him colleague could witness it, then back to the solicitor. 4 buses in 3 hours. I wanted to be comfy!
I like all the details though! The fluffy bat socks are from New Look, and my friend Sam brought me the Casket Crew pin! I'm not sure who made it because she brought it from a stall at Bloodstock festival.

Day 9

Wish the lighting was better in this so you could see that my haunted mansion socks match the green top I have under my jumper. I ate a very on theme biscuit though! I spent the day sewing with my friend Kelly. We are making her bridal cloak- it's going to be beautiful!

Outfit rundown
Poloneck jumper - New Look
Skirt- Toast. It was given to me by my friend Holly and its one of my favourite pieces at the moment.
Haunted Mansion Socks--Disney World Florida

Day 10

This photo isn't great but I didn't have time to retake it because I was on a lunch break at a training course. After work I went straight to get the keys for the new house!! Sorry I haven't taken any pictures there yet (other than the meter readings!)
I wanted to look nice for the training though, so I chose this restyle skirt and paired it with a New Look pinstripe blazer and a nice blouse (charity shop find). I even wore eyeliner!

Day 11

I was baking Halloween gingerbread after work for a bake sale at work, and absolutely covered myself in flour. Hence the selfie! Bat heart necklace is something I got at a lolita event but I can't find the brand now.

Day 12

I went to an amazing Halloween themed 40th after work! The guests of honour were definitely better dressed than me!

Outfit rundown
Witch hat- Peacocks, modified by me
Black jumper - M&S another than me down from Holly!
Skirt - another piece from

Day 13

We started cleaning the flat. It's in pretty good shape but the previous tenants didn't ventilate it very well so there is black mould on all the windows and blinds! There was also some flowery wallpaper that HAD to go, hideous! This is what I changed into when we got back. Ravenclaw nightshirt and marauders map leggings are both from Primark.

Day 14

In the morning I went to my dad's to get all my kitchen stuff out of his loft. It's been up there since I finished my undergrad degree! Then we took my nana out for lunch, and showed her the flat en route. She approved! I spend the afternoon with Kelly working on the cloak again!! My socks were a present from my friend Lex who just got back from Vegas! I love the little witch hats on them!!

I hope you have enjoyed the second week of my batty challenge as much as I have! I can't believe I've raised over £100 for bat conservation now!
Are any of you getting your wardrobes ready for Halloween? What are your plans?


  1. First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS on your new place!!! Happy Goth Nesting time! Be careful with that black mold -- wear goggles and a vent mask when removing it.

    I'm so glad to see you back. I'm trying to do the same, get back into blogging and grow our little circle again. And you look great! I've been following this along on your other social media sites.

    1. Thanks Franny! I am very careful with mold and won't let Ash near it at all because of his Asthma.

  2. Congratulations guys, mold and hideous wallpaper aside, this is great news! :)