Friday 13 July 2012

A Thousand Apologies

I'm really sorry that I've been away all week, I did mean to blog but I was house-sitting for a friend and looking after her cats. I couldn't get their wifi to work and I got very distracted by having these lovely cats to keep my company:

Meet Dinah:


And Poppy:

I will be back to blogging as normal on Monday, but right now I'm going to go back to freaking out with delight over the New Sandman Announcement and planning an outfit for my night out with the girls tomorrow.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. These cats are certainly so beautiful. I read some of Neil Gaiman's books, but I haven't read Sandman. He is a great author.

    1. You should read Sandman; it's really fantastic, my favourite series of comics ever I think. He is a great author, I'm a little bit in love with him to be honest!

  2. OMG, they're beautiful! ^^

    1. I know! My friend is so lucky! They are also huge because they are Maine Coons. Macca is bigger than a lot of dogs lol!

  3. Four beautiful furry cats! Oh how I miss one in my home. I wish there could be a cure from allergy....
    Interesting news you are linking to!!
    I have tagged you in an award. Please feel free to take it or not.