Friday 6 July 2012

We are not amused

The title of this post is inspired by the facial expression in this picture:

This picture was taken when I returned from my night out, where I had been celebrating my first pay-check with alcohol in fairly large quantities (hence the red face; the first sign of drunkenness for me is flushed cheeks).

The cause of my annoyance?


The dress I am wearing is by Spin Doctor, it's one of the few pieces of goth branded clothing I own (because mostly I can't afford branded clothing). I have worn it 5 times.

I have a wardrobe full of clothes a decade old and then a newish dress I paid quite a lot for splits at the seam! I know this is damage is easily fixed and in the grand scheme of things is no big deal, but I chose this dress in the store because the other one in my size had split in exactly this place, so I believe it is a design fault. This disappoints me because I really love the dress (skull cameo print!!!) and I've only ever heard good things about Spin Doctor.

Sigh. Time to get out the needle and thread eh?

Tomorrow I am going to sit in the park with friends and enjoy some free music so maybe I'll mend the dress there; if it's not raining =]

What I'm wearing:
Dress: Spin Doctor clothing
Cardigan: New Look sale, 3 quid. I tied it up because the drapey shape didn't flatter this outfit.
Grey tutu: New Look kids department many moons ago.
Fishnets: No idea where they are from.
Grey tights: Primark, 2.50 I think.
Celtic Cross necklace: Present from my ex's mum, from Cornwall.
Choker: Claire's Accessories with Ram pendant (yay aries) I re-used from a broken charity shop necklace.
I'm wearing a length of ribbon in my hair.
And my new shoes =]


  1. Now, this is upsetting. Such a cute dress...but I'm sure you can fix it nicely! ^^

  2. Lovely dress! I would like to get few more sights of your collection of Spin Doctor because it's really very nice. Hope you've enjoyed enough your very first 'pay-check with alcohol' night. Good luck :)!
    cool tights

  3. I did indeed enjoy my night out, and the subsequent one; Living dangerously going out 2 nights in a row; it's like being a fresher again =P

    I don't own any other Spin Doctor clothing Unfortunately; I wish I did!

    You be pleased to know the dress is now fixed =]

  4. That was a shame, on such a lovely dress. I hope you can mend it and make it like new.

  5. I've been eyeing up that dress for ages! I hope you can fix it!

    I tagged you for The Liebster Award

  6. I have the same dress, same thing happened to mine. Maybe it was a bad batch.