Friday 1 March 2013

Monthly Theme: Purple!

 This month's theme over at Sophistique Noir is purple! Which I love, because purple is one of the colours I wear most often (black technically being not a colour but the absence of one).

I only remembered the theme this morning though, which left me with limited options because the washing pile is rather large at the moment!

I did have these purple tights and a strap top in almost the exact same colour clean though so I built the outfit around them.

What I'm wearing:

Purple strap top: New Look, Christmas present
Tights: New Look, Christmas present
High neck top: Charity shop £2.50, I added the belt because it's a little baggy!
Fluffy cardigan: New Look, Christmas present
Skirt: Black lace skirt and petticoat layered over each other; I've never actually worn these together before which is odd because I've had them both for years. I quite like it though; what do you guys think?

I was getting ready to take the picture when I noticed the little mousie sitting on the table, he seemed to be saying 'I'm purple too!' so I picked him up! I wrote about him in yesterday's post, I'd love to know what you all think of my first attempt at a none sock toy!

I wish I'd had a better purple outfit to share! Do you like wearing purple?