Thursday 26 December 2013

Merry Christmas (with added cats)!

I've had a very busy Christmas, seeing my mum's side of the family, my dad's side of the family and Ash's family too. I'm back at work tomorrow and I have a cold. I've had a very lovely time, but I'm tired as anything, so a proper blog post will have to wait until I'm feeling better.

In the meantime, here are the cat pictures I promised. I looked after these beauties for my friends while they were flat hunting in Sweden, a few weeks ago. They are Maine Coon cats, so big and fluffy!

This is Poppy and Macavity.

This is Dinah, who also answers to Princess Dinah Bear

This is Tybalt, using Ash as a climbing frame. See how big he is? Macca is even bigger than Tybs. They are seriously giant cats! Although Poppy is a lot smaller than the other three, she's still on the large side compared to most domestic moggies!

They are really loving and friendly cats. We had a really great week playing with them.

However, sometimes they get grumpy if you take photos of them with flash. Which resulted in this photo of Tybs:

And so I couldn't resist making this image (very roughly in a couple of minutes).

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas, if you celebrate. Or Yule/Solstice, or Hanukkah (I know I'm very late) or Kwanzaa, or any other reason for celebration!

Monday 16 December 2013

Black, Blue and Bats

I'm sorry I've been away for so long, life keeps getting in the way of blogging!

I've been meaning to post this picture for a while.

Taken by Elisabeth at the late Halloween meet up for the midlands lolitas, in front of St Martin's church in the Bullring. Funnily enough, I used to work in the tea shop here! I didn't get to wear nice clothes around the place then! They did let me lock the front door of the church sometimes though, with a giant iron key the length of my forearm =]. This picture was taken before Andie ran across to help me straighten out the chiffon underskirt on my dress; it was tucked up into my petticoats =S

What I'm Wearing:
Underbust JSK: Surface Spell £45 via lolita sales on fb. The blue bow came with the JSK.
Blouse: RQ-BL from Sai Sai in Camden £32
Bag: Living Dead Souls, originally had a large red bow which I removed years ago, I added the felt bat and sequin stars to match the JSK. The bag is a bit of a 'lace monster' but I thought that was appropriate for a halloween meet! My mum brought me this bag because I didn't have a handbag for my Brother's wedding in 2007.
Tights: It's very hard to see but I was wearing blue tights under black star print ones. The blue tights were a gift, and the star ones were from Primark.
Boots: New Look £29.99
Hat: I know it doesn't show in this photo but I had blue roses on he back of my hat (also came with the JSK) and lots of black lace.
Coat: It's new. I brought it off a friend for £20, because I was the only person with small enough boobs to get it buttoned up! Supposed to be a size 10 but really isn't.

As an apology for being away I'll be posting cute cat photos soon, so watch this space!

Thursday 28 November 2013

First Lolita Meet

These photos were taken a little while ago now, at my first meet with the Midlands Lolita Community, we were meeting to take a group photo for the Tea Party Club calender! Our month was September so we went for a back to school theme, with books and satchels, and tried to use autumnal colours in our co-ords =]

I don't have a wealth of autumnal colours in my tiny lolita wardrobe, so I tried to make it extra school-girly! My hair doesn't like co-operating though, so it was trying to escape from the pigtails! Also I couldn't find my fray-check to put on the ribbons so they are all messy at the ends =[

These pictures were taken by the lovely Florence of The Street Style Carousel; she did individual photos of us all while we were waiting for some late arrivals.

What I'm wearing:

JSK: Moi Meme Moitie via egl-comm-sales £85
Socks: Innocent World via egl-comm-sales £10
Blouse: Charity shop in Derby £3
Jacket: Miss Selfridge, gift
Petticoat: Ebay 5 years ago, I think it was £25. I really need a poofier one though!
Detachable lace collar: New Look, I think I got it for £5 with a special offer
Shoes: Primark £8
Hat: Peacocks £9.99
Cameo Brooch: Junk Shop in Minehead £2.50
Star Brooch: Sugarpinkmoon on Etsy £5
Flower Clips: H&M £1.99

I can't wait to see which group picture gets selected for the calender! Many thanks again to Florrie, both for these pictures, the group shots and having to put up with people stopping to ask her what we were doing all day! Also a big thanks to all the Mid Lolis for making me feel so welcome, you guys are the sweetest =]

Thursday 14 November 2013

Butterfly Tights

I've been wanted to get a pair of Grimoire's Verum butterfly tights for ages, but even if I could get my head around the ordering process I couldn't really justify spending so much on tights. I'm too clumsy; what if I laddered them on the first wear?! So instead I've been idly typing butterfly tights into ebay and etsy every couple of weeks, hoping to find an alternative. After about a year of doing this, I got a hit on Etsy for some suspiciously similar tights. The first 2 pictures were clearly of Grimoire's tights (I've since realised that the first was the stock photo from their webstore) but the 4th photo was of a different but similar design. I decided to risk it for £6.39 and free shipping.

When the tights arrived I'm happy to say they did in fact match the 4th photo. I'm actually very pleased because I would have been unhappy about wearing tights that were a successful replica (art theft and all that). The print is the same on the front and back and so doesn't match well on the sides (but for the price I won't grumble). I should have taken a picture of them out of the packet to show them better. They look darker in my pictures as I had black thermal tights underneath because of the cold weather!

I put together a quick outfit to go with them and went a bit overboard with the accessories to match the colours in the tights!

What I'm Wearing:
Jacket: Miss Selfridge
Blouse: H&M (altered by me)
Black Skirt: River Island
Cream Lace Skirt: New Look
(this outfit is actually quite similar to this one, I didn't notice until now)
Tights: Etsy
Brooches and Necklaces: Light Blue Brooch and Glass Bead Necklace from charity shops, Green Brooch, Celtic Cross Brooch and Dark Crystal Necklace were gifts
Boots: New Look
Beret: H&M

Sorry for the bad photos, these were taken in the toilets of a local department store when I was doing a quick bit of Xmas Shopping. I spent most of the day sitting in the pub (with a hot chocolate) writing for NaNoWriMo!

I've just passed the 10,500 word mark so I'm very behind at the moment! My only excuse is that the lovely boyfriend took me to a spa hotel for a few days to relax =] I'm going to try to do 2,500 words a day until I'm back on track. Good luck to anyone else doing NaNoWriMo!

Saturday 2 November 2013

Full Halloween Ensemble

Here's the rest of what I wore on All Hallow's Eve! After spending so much time on the hat, the rest was really just thrown together from clothes I normally wear, with added dramatic make-up!

What I'm wearing:
Hat: See more in this post
Dress: Titania Dress by All Saints, got it in a mega sale a few years ago, I think it was either £27 or £29. I love this dress but I don't wear it often because it's a tad unflattering in the stomach area! I think I need to get some control pants/tights. However, it has skeletal fairies on it so it had to be worn for this outfit!
Lace Dress Underneath: The Titania Dress is a little low and I wanted more lace at the bottom, I got this from a clothes swap
Crochet Skirt: From a charity shop, also seen in this post.
Lace Waistcoat: Lily J in Camden. I think it was quite expensive, maybe £20.
Shawl: The fabric I tattered to be the over-skirt on my zombie prom outfit!
Necklace: A bunch of vintage keys on a chain
Belt: Primark £3

I'm trying to look mysterious and forbidding in these photos, like I'm about to summon the powers of darkness or something. Not sure it worked, I think I just look a bit miffed! =P

Just a warning, for the rest of November I may be posting sporadically, if at all, because I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year!

Monthly Theme: Sweaters!

Or as we call them in the UK; jumpers!

I love to snuggle up in a cosy jumper at this time of year; especially at work where my office is freezing cold!

With that in mind I popped into Primark last week to get myself another jumper for work. I didn't expect to find them stocking a range of Halloween clothes! I brought these 2 jumpers, a t-shirt with bats on it and some skeleton socks =]

The bat patches are made from faux leather and the jumper is nice and warm =] My hair looks dreadful in this picture because I ran out of my good conditioner on that day and so it's acting up, I do apologise! I don't like the turtle neck with this outfit either, but I was going to a bonfire party and wanted my neck to be warm! Next time I'm going to wear it with a peter pan collar =]

What I'm wearing:
Bat Jumper: Primark £14
Black Skirts: River Island via clothes swap and New Look
Leggings: H&M £7.99

I took a worn picture of the second jumper before work one day but it was too blurry and I didn't notice until this morning, so here's a very quick snap of it on the bed!

The ghost part is very fluffy and soft! It has tiny sequins on it too, and whilst I'm not a huge fan of sparkle I think it's quite a cute touch so I'm leaving them on for now! This one was £14 too.

Of course a jumper is for life, not just for Halloween =P These will both be a part of my wardrobe all winter =]

Thanks to Sophistique Noir for such a fun monthly theme!

Wednesday 30 October 2013

Halloween Costume Craziness and Arty Pumpkins

I'm saving my post about Halloween Jumpers for Friday to tie-in with Sophistique Noir's Monthly Theme so until then I'll be showing off my pumpkin and a sneak preview of my Halloween costume.

I went to my friend Olivia's last night to crave pumpkins, drink cocktails and make pumpkin soup. We had so much fun!

Here are our Edward Scissorhands and Bride of Frankenstein pumpkins!

They took so long but it was a lot of fun, we got the templates from this site, free to download =]

I'm going to post a close-up of Edward because I'm so proud of how he turned out! This picture was taken by Ash's sister who was really happy to find this pumpkin in the kitchen this morning!

I spent today working on my Halloween costume. I didn't have any idea of what I wanted to dress as this year at all then I saw someone mention Wil O' The Wisps on tumblr and my mind went into overdrive. So I'm going as a sort of Steampunk style witch who lures unwary travelers into the swamp.

I spent about 5 hours on this hat and whilst it isn't perfect I'm very happy with it anyway, especially as I know nothing at all about plumbing or electronics.

In the dark all you can see is the lantern glowing muhahaha!

Everything is completely detachable so as not to damage my hat. I made it from a paper lantern, plumbing supplies, black card, tracing paper, spray paint, a fake bird and real ivy among other things. I'll post a more detailed description if anyone is interested. Right now though I'm very tired and need to go scrub the spray paint out from under my fingernails!

Saturday 26 October 2013

Slithering by to say hello

This is just a very quick post, I promise to do a bigger update very soon; with haunted house tote bag repairs, new halloween jumpers and progress on my Halloween costume.

In the mean time I'd like to introduce you all the Persephone, a black sock snake with bold pink markings, isn't she a sweet little snake?

 She's available in my Etsy store here, I hope she finds a new home soon. Until then she's sitting on my desk, keeping Pumpkin company =]

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

Monday 21 October 2013

Of Cats and Haunted Houses

In my last post I showed you a necklace which was inspired by the colours of the outfit I was wearing, this time the inspiration came the other way round!

I made this adorable sock cat a couple of weeks ago for my Etsy shop, I call him Pumpkin. I've only just got round to taking good photographs of him though, just in time for Halloween!

A few days later I spotted this hat in the children's section in a local high-street shop. Finally a cat ear bowler which fits my tiny head! Age 7-10...
For this outfit I wore it with a bow made from bat ribbon and striped Halloween stockings to match the colour scheme of Pumpkin the Sock Cat.

Do excuse the rather silly, poor quality photo!
What I'm wearing:
Skirt New Look
Stockings Co-op Supermarket £2
Hat Peacocks, I think it was £9.99
Familiar: Pumpkin the Sock Cat available here

I love to wear little touches of Halloween inspiration all throughout October. I've been using my haunted house tote bag a lot, but I noticed yesterday that it's got a hole in it! I'm going to need to patch it I think, but I can't decide whether to try to hide the patch as much as possible or to make a feature of it. Star shaped maybe? Or bat shaped? Contrasting colour + add matching lace and/or additional patches? What do you guys think?

I'm also going to use bleach to try and get the stain out from where my apple juice leaked onto my pencil case and stained the bottom of the bag with apple juice and ink. I did wash the bag since then so it is clean, but it looks so grubby with the stain!

I may have the Halloween inspiration flowing strongly in my daily wardrobe but I'm still undecided about my costume for the night itself! I'm sure I'll think of something... How about you, got it all planned?

Saturday 12 October 2013

Gris Gris

Gris - is the word for Grey in Spanish.

Gris Gris - is the name of a voodoo talisman which brings black magic on its 'victim'. They are adaptation of an earlier African Islamic tradition of amulets to ward off evil spirits. In Haiti and some African countries such as Senegal, gris gris still refers to a good talisman.

This post contains things related to both of those definitions.

Do you remember that in this post, I mentioned I was going clubbing in Leeds? Well I didn't get to wear that outfit because it wasn't an ordinary club night at all. It was a Zombie Prom!

I didn't have much time to plan a costume at all, so I simply shredded some old lining fabric I had lying around and make an overskirt for my skeleton cameo dress. I also added a piece of it to the streamer on my top hat and made a tiny axe out of cardboard and paint.

It was such a fun night! The make-up looks very washed out with flash, but everything was darker in real life; especially the blood! I used make-up rather than face-paint (like my friends) because I'm allergic to a lot of stuff and I didn't want to risk a reaction, and made my own fake blood from flour, water and food colouring (red with a few drops of blue and black gives a good colour) so that I could have it around my mouth without worrying about ingesting it when I ate or drank. It goes delightfully scabby looking too! Be warned though it will stain your skin, so I had to wear foundation and red eyeliner underneath it. This photo sort of terrifies me because it looks like I managed to roll my eyes completely back into my head! I might have to get some white eye contacts if I dress up as a zombie again because I think it works well!

By complete coincidence I also got asked to make a prop for a play. It's for my friends production of Witches of Eastwick. I love that she needed someone to make a voodoo doll and thought of me! I thought white would show up best on stage, so he's just made from a pair of socks! I resisted the temptation to make it neat and even too as I think it looks more creepy like this.

I got sent a lovely new jumper by my mum, who wanted me to have a really cosy jumper for my cold office (isn't she the best mum in the world?).

It's so soft and snuggly! I think I'm a tiny bit in love.

What I'm wearing:
Jumper: Dorothy Perkins
Pinafore: Miss Selfridge
White Underskirt: Vintage, my friend Gabby gave it to me because she thought I'd wear it more often than her =]
Tights: Pamela Mann, her tights are so expensive that I never buy them for myself. These were a christmas present from my auntie in 2007. Which just shows that the quality is worth the price really!
Boots: New Look.

I was inspired by the colour scheme of that outfit to make this choker for my Etsy shop. When it was finished, I really wanted to keep it, but I can always make myself something similar =]

Winter Blossom Choker, available here in my Etsy shop.

I've been making a few more things and using the equipment at work to take better quality photos so expect new listings and photo updates soon!

I've also started using Tumblr at last! I've been updating it with my new posts and I'm going to start putting up some old photos too (as well as re-blogging pretty things). I'm always looking for cool new blogs to follow so please send me a links. You can find mine here.

Sunday 6 October 2013

First Day at Miss Cackle's Academy?

An outfit I wore last week.
The title of this blog is a reference to The Worst Witch because this dress worn with a tied belt reminded me of the uniform of her school. I loved these books as a kid and like Mildred Hubble I'm very clumsy!

In addition to showing you the outfit, I have to introduce you to someone who decided to photobomb me! Mika the dog =] I set up the camera, then she came out of the bedroom behind me (hence the open door) and set herself down!

Not a bad substitute for Tabby, Mildred's cat. She'd probably be just as bad at flying on a broomstick! Mika belongs to Ash's sister and is probably looking grumpy because her collar broke and so she couldn't go for a walk until we got her a new one!

Some detail shots of my outfit.

What I'm wearing:

Dress: All Saints, via a sale I think it was about £25.
Peter Pan Collar Jumper: Muji, Christmas present last year from Mum
Hat: Vintage via a local market, £12
Accessories: Charity shops, discount stores, gifts and rescued antique keys. The moon ring is new, it was £1.99 in H&M

I really love how warm and comfy outfit was. I do love the autumn! I'm going to be snuggling up in jumpers and woolly tights as much as possible now =]

What are your favourite things to wear when it starts to get chilly?

Saturday 21 September 2013

Lace and Stripes

This is a simple outfit I threw together when me and Ash went out for a meal. We were supposed to be going out with a bunch of his work colleagues but they cancelled at the last minute so we decided to go to TGI Fridays and have dinner and cocktails instead =] I ate so much that I couldn't manage desert and had an ice cream cocktail called a Mudslide as a substitute! So so yummy!

I took this in a rush before we went out so once again it's in the hallway. I think this is actually quite a good location for outfit photos though because there is a huge window so the light is good and I can rest the camera on the windowsill. It'll be much better if we ever get it finished!

What I'm wearing:
Blouse: H&M, it was a gift from my friend Kelly, who grew out of it. I had to cut the cap sleeves off because it had narrow shoulders (or maybe mine are wide?) but it works fine as a sleeveless blouse under a jacket =]
Jacket: A cheap shop on my local high street, I've posted it before here. I added the lace a while ago because that's my universal solution to 'this doesn't look quite right, definitely needs something...' =P
Black skirt: River Island via a clothes swap.
Cream tulle skirt: New Look. Birthday present from my mum this year =]
Brooch: Charity shop
Hair flower: H&M, 2 for £1.99. I wore it with a ribbon as an alice band.

Wednesday 18 September 2013

Of new boots, wonderful gifts and clubbing apparel

What is this you say? Another post from Cemetery Dreams, in the same week?! I'm surprising even myself!

The main reason I'm making this post is to say a massive and slightly overdue thank you to Victorian Kitty of Sophistique Noir for sending me 2 lovely blouses =]. I received them a couple of weeks ago but didn't immediately have a chance to wear either (it's back to woolly jumpers at work already). I put together this outfit using one of them today though. I really love this blouse but it's a little tight in the bust for me (shock horror) so I have to leave the top button undone. I started to think of ways of wearing it with something underneath and immediately thought of this dress:

Sorry for the poor lighting, this was taken in my old room at dad's and it gets a very bright at sunset! It makes my black tights look a slightly odd colour too for some reason. Also forgive me for not drying my hair before I took the picture.

What I'm wearing:
Blouse: Living Dead Souls, gift from Victorian Kitty
Dress: New Look, I got it earlier this year and I can't remember how much ti was
Boots: New Look. These are new. £29.99
Velvet Choker: Handmade by me.

I've just brought these great boots as a replacement for the shoes I repaired in this post which finally gave up the ghost. The soles split right across the toes on both feet so there was no way to save them =[. I couldn't afford to spend enough to get real leather, but at least these are cheaper than those shoes were! Also they are really soft and comfy with grippy soles perfect for the autumn weather.

This outfit is one I'd like to wear when I go to Leeds to visit some old friends at the end of the month, the goth scene is much bigger there than it is here and I've been promised a weekend of club nights! I'm very excited! This was just a trial run, I may decide that this outfit isn't OTT enough and add some more accessories though. What do you guys think? I wish I could order one of these ribcage belts to go with it but they are sold out at the moment.

I'd forgotten about this choker because it was hiding at the back of my jewellery box but I think I'll have to wear it more often again! I'm also going to try to get some nice soft narrow lace trim and make some more for my Etsy shop =]

Saturday 14 September 2013

Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!

I've been meaning to post far more regularly so this post feels very overdue! I've been promising an outfit post for ages as well, sorry folks! Also the outfit itself is very Alice in Wonderland inspired so I couldn't resist quoting the White Rabbit in the title =]

Sorry about the unglamorous location and lack of full body shot. Our room is a bit of a mess today and I was in a hurry so I took them on the landing even though it's in the middle of being redecorated (and may stay that way for a while, the plasterer never turned up to finish it off and didn't explain why!) The camera cut my head off in the picture but I was wearing a black ribbon as an Alice band with black rose clips on the side.

What I'm wearing:

Alice in Wonderland Socks: Innocent World via egl-comm-sales £10
Black Skirt: A Taobao shop (no label in it) via egl-comm-sales £15 plus ridiculous custom charge of £14!! I hate customs in the UK. Really puts me off ever buying things from outside the EU again!
Belt: Primark £3
Pocketwatch Necklace: Birthday present from Meera =]
Jabot: RQ-BL came with the blouse I got in Camden
Blouse: Forever 21 £18.95, altered by me.
Brooch: Flightless Phoenix Designs available on Etsy

I saw these socks a few weeks ago and just knew I had to get them. They looked pure white in the picture (as they do in my pictures actually...must be the flash) but they are actually an off-white/pale cream colour, so nothing I had really matched them well. I was going to tea dye a cheap white blouse to match but then I was passing through Forever 21 (I like the Costa coffee in there as a place to do uni work, it's quiet and has great views) and spotted this blouse. It's a similar shade of pale cream with grey stripes and a black insignia on the pocket so I thought it would match well. The only problem was the shape. It was so baggy!

I spent last Saturday taking off the sleeves and pocket,  adding bust darts, taking it in at the sides and then reconstructing it! I've never sewn a blouse and it's been about 8 years since I constructed anything with darts or sleeves (Oh my were my GCSEs really THAT long ago?!) so it's not perfect but I sure (re)learned a lot!

Has anyone else noticed how baggy everything is this season? I know the blouse wasn't supposed to be a larger size because of the length and fit of the sleeves but the body was like a men's small not a lady's small... I guess that's what's fashionable at the moment, but it looked very odd on me! Especially as the collar is really tiny; too tight to button up properly and be comfortable, also it sits funny because it overlaps a bit. I decided to leave the top button undone and wear the jabot instead of reconstructing that too.

I made another of the Curiouser and Curiouser brooches to go with this outfit, managed to be a bit neater with the glue this time, but still not perfect. Another thing to keep practicing! At least it doesn't show at all when worn because it's on the back =] Until I get it right I'll be selling them at a slight discount though!

Sunday 1 September 2013

A Special Occasion Of Sorts

This post is very long overdue but it seems to have come at a fortune time, to allow me to participate in Sophistique Noir's monthly theme, albeit in an unconventional way (I know it's been ages since I did an outfit post, I've been so lazy lately).

I've finally opened my Etsy shop! I talked about doing so last year when I started making chokers. I would have done this sooner but you used to need a credit card to open an Etsy shop and I can't find mine anywhere (I put it somewhere safe...). Luckily you can now link it to a paypal account instead.

My shop is called Flightless Phoenix Designs, a name I've been using at craft fairs and so on for a few years with my sock animals and other hand-made things.

This is the logo I'm using for now. I know it's very rough but I'm no artist, I drew this on a lunch-break at work and edited it in photoshop. The font is based on a vintage typography sample from The Graphics Fairy. I'm sure I'll have to pay an artist to re-draw it for me if my shop takes off, but fortunately I'm lucky enough to have plenty of friends who'd give me mates rates =]

At the moment there are only a few things in my shop, but I'll try to add more soon, and take better pictures too! If there is anything you'd like to see, please leave a comment below!

As a reward for all my lovely readers I've made a 10% discount code for you. Enter BLOGLOVE1 at checkout to get money off =]

Now I'm off to read the other posts for this monthly theme =]

Friday 30 August 2013

Fur and Feathers!

I know I promised these photos a bit sooner but my camera battery died so I couldn't post them until I was home (I forgot to take the charger with me!). Sorry!

I'm very pleased to introduce you to some very special cats though.

This is Rosie, she's an 18 year old tabby. Ash described her as 'an old soul' and I think he's right. She's got the bearing of a great queen or a pharaoh's cat. Even if she drools a bit when she's being made a fuss of =P, it's hard not to drool when your 126 in cat years!

Hidden behind her in that picture is George. You can see him better here:

He's a great big ginger tom cat. He's getting old too, although he's younger than Rosie (I think he's 15). He loves snuggling up and is very affectionate but has an annoying habit of extending his claws just enough to be uncomfortable when he's perched on your lap! He's also very heavy to carry!

This is his twin brother Fred (yes they are named after the Weasley twins =]). He's a bit more taciturn and reticent than his brother, but if you sit quietly he'll come and rub his nose against your hand and purr like a steam-train. Unfortunately he has a nervous habit of pulling out his fur =[, it makes it easier to tell him and George apart but he must get cold in winter. I brought him some cat treats for 'healthy coats' to help it grow back and he went completely nuts over them so I hope they help!

So that's the furry companions, time to meet the feathered ones. We'd better take them some food...

They have hen food to eat all the time (mostly corn) but they like fresh vegetables too so here are the off-cuts of courgette and spinach from an omelette I had for lunch and a couple of tomatoes which were going a bit soft; they were home-grown but I didn't pick them in time and they fell off the vine and went squish on the greenhouse floor!

They are very eager to see us aren't they, I think they might be hungry!

It's very hard to take photos of hens, they move so fast!

They live in this brilliant fox-proof compound. The chicken wire on the sides goes under the ground too and the slabs around the outside stop foxes from digging their way in! There are 2 hen houses to choose from; 6 like to sleep in the big one and 2 in the 'upstairs apartment'!

They lay their eggs in the houses too, sometimes in funny places, I'm not sure how they managed to lay these against the wall...

Oh no, don't even think about it....Please don't go out there...Come away from that door!

They like to escape! On the last morning the wind blew the door and they all got out. I was nearly late for work because it took a long time to round them up. I sent my boss a text to say 'I might be a tiny bit late, the chickens have revolted!' I really felt like I was in Chicken Run! Besides, there won't be many times in my life when I'll have an excuse like that for missing the bus...

They were definitely plotting, very shifty if you ask me!

I'm going to miss the hens and the cats most of all. It was a very lovely week though =]