Thursday 28 November 2013

First Lolita Meet

These photos were taken a little while ago now, at my first meet with the Midlands Lolita Community, we were meeting to take a group photo for the Tea Party Club calender! Our month was September so we went for a back to school theme, with books and satchels, and tried to use autumnal colours in our co-ords =]

I don't have a wealth of autumnal colours in my tiny lolita wardrobe, so I tried to make it extra school-girly! My hair doesn't like co-operating though, so it was trying to escape from the pigtails! Also I couldn't find my fray-check to put on the ribbons so they are all messy at the ends =[

These pictures were taken by the lovely Florence of The Street Style Carousel; she did individual photos of us all while we were waiting for some late arrivals.

What I'm wearing:

JSK: Moi Meme Moitie via egl-comm-sales £85
Socks: Innocent World via egl-comm-sales £10
Blouse: Charity shop in Derby £3
Jacket: Miss Selfridge, gift
Petticoat: Ebay 5 years ago, I think it was £25. I really need a poofier one though!
Detachable lace collar: New Look, I think I got it for £5 with a special offer
Shoes: Primark £8
Hat: Peacocks £9.99
Cameo Brooch: Junk Shop in Minehead £2.50
Star Brooch: Sugarpinkmoon on Etsy £5
Flower Clips: H&M £1.99

I can't wait to see which group picture gets selected for the calender! Many thanks again to Florrie, both for these pictures, the group shots and having to put up with people stopping to ask her what we were doing all day! Also a big thanks to all the Mid Lolis for making me feel so welcome, you guys are the sweetest =]


  1. Oh, a calendar shoot, so exciting! Can't wait to see your group photo! :)
    By the way, I love these pictures! You look so much more natural on these, than you have on the last model shots you've shared. :)

    1. The calendar can be seen here:

      Thank you =].
      I think I look more natural because I didn't have time to think of it as modelling and get scared!! =P

  2. You look fantastic! I love the outfit! My hair tries to escape too.

    Wow, a Moi Meme Moite for $85, you did well!

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone in having difficult hair =P

      £85 is rather a lot more than $85 - around $140! =S. Still not bad for Moitie! Especially as I got free shipping =]

  3. Lovely outfit (and lovely pictures ;D!). I like that it's quite simple, but very elegant and cute. You totally got the "schoolgirl" look!

    1. Thank you =] For once in my life I'm glad I looked like a schoolgirl =P