Monday 21 October 2013

Of Cats and Haunted Houses

In my last post I showed you a necklace which was inspired by the colours of the outfit I was wearing, this time the inspiration came the other way round!

I made this adorable sock cat a couple of weeks ago for my Etsy shop, I call him Pumpkin. I've only just got round to taking good photographs of him though, just in time for Halloween!

A few days later I spotted this hat in the children's section in a local high-street shop. Finally a cat ear bowler which fits my tiny head! Age 7-10...
For this outfit I wore it with a bow made from bat ribbon and striped Halloween stockings to match the colour scheme of Pumpkin the Sock Cat.

Do excuse the rather silly, poor quality photo!
What I'm wearing:
Skirt New Look
Stockings Co-op Supermarket £2
Hat Peacocks, I think it was £9.99
Familiar: Pumpkin the Sock Cat available here

I love to wear little touches of Halloween inspiration all throughout October. I've been using my haunted house tote bag a lot, but I noticed yesterday that it's got a hole in it! I'm going to need to patch it I think, but I can't decide whether to try to hide the patch as much as possible or to make a feature of it. Star shaped maybe? Or bat shaped? Contrasting colour + add matching lace and/or additional patches? What do you guys think?

I'm also going to use bleach to try and get the stain out from where my apple juice leaked onto my pencil case and stained the bottom of the bag with apple juice and ink. I did wash the bag since then so it is clean, but it looks so grubby with the stain!

I may have the Halloween inspiration flowing strongly in my daily wardrobe but I'm still undecided about my costume for the night itself! I'm sure I'll think of something... How about you, got it all planned?


  1. The cat is so cute, as is the hat, and the tote bag!

    I often find hats are too big for me too! But occasionally when I find a really nice one, they are too small!

    1. Aww thank you!

      I have had the same problem in the past, either too big or too small but hardly ever do they fit! The nicer the hat, the less likely I am to be able to wear it!

  2. Love your orange and black outfit - the sock kitty is adorable!

    Maybe you could dip the bag in a tea dye and camouflage the stain rather than try to bleach it out? I'd go for a patch that just screams “I'm a bat-shaped patch!”. ;o)

    1. Thank you =]

      I did consider tea dying, but as my wardrobe currently contains a lot more black and white clothing than black and cream clothing it might result in the bag languishing instead of getting lots of use!

      I am leaning towards a bat shaped patch though, possibly several, possibly in velvet.