Wednesday 30 October 2013

Halloween Costume Craziness and Arty Pumpkins

I'm saving my post about Halloween Jumpers for Friday to tie-in with Sophistique Noir's Monthly Theme so until then I'll be showing off my pumpkin and a sneak preview of my Halloween costume.

I went to my friend Olivia's last night to crave pumpkins, drink cocktails and make pumpkin soup. We had so much fun!

Here are our Edward Scissorhands and Bride of Frankenstein pumpkins!

They took so long but it was a lot of fun, we got the templates from this site, free to download =]

I'm going to post a close-up of Edward because I'm so proud of how he turned out! This picture was taken by Ash's sister who was really happy to find this pumpkin in the kitchen this morning!

I spent today working on my Halloween costume. I didn't have any idea of what I wanted to dress as this year at all then I saw someone mention Wil O' The Wisps on tumblr and my mind went into overdrive. So I'm going as a sort of Steampunk style witch who lures unwary travelers into the swamp.

I spent about 5 hours on this hat and whilst it isn't perfect I'm very happy with it anyway, especially as I know nothing at all about plumbing or electronics.

In the dark all you can see is the lantern glowing muhahaha!

Everything is completely detachable so as not to damage my hat. I made it from a paper lantern, plumbing supplies, black card, tracing paper, spray paint, a fake bird and real ivy among other things. I'll post a more detailed description if anyone is interested. Right now though I'm very tired and need to go scrub the spray paint out from under my fingernails!


  1. Wow, they look amazing! You are so talented! How do you do that with a knife? How do you get the thin bits? I have never carved a pumpkin, which is probably the way it should be since I am so clumsy! But I still feel like I want to do it!

    I love will-o-the wisps! And I looove that hat! It is amazing! Wow! Maybe I should kidnap you to make my decorations and costume next year! Although I think you would find Australian Halloween pretty unexciting! I am going to a loli Halloween meetup this year, my first real Halloween thing, (no one in my area ever did trick or treating as a kid! ) although it won't be that Halloweeney really! I don't want to do something super scary anyway, when you actually believe in ghosts and things, that can be terrifying!

    1. The pumpkin carving was hard for me because I'm clumsy too, so I have to be very slow and meticulous. I pierced all the lines on the template with a pin and then removed it, so that the skin of the pumpkin looked like a dot to dot picture of where to cut. Then I cut through the skin and carefully lifted that off, before cutting through the flesh (hollow out pumpkin first; which is ikky because I feel like I'm diembowelling it), if it's a big area remove in pieces. For the small bits I took the skin off and then just pierced the fleshy part with a skewer to let some light through because I'd have messed it up otherwise.

      Heehee thank you. I'd love to visit Australia, but I think i'd be better coming in the winter there because I don't cope at all well with the heat =P, we could celebrate halloween any time! I'm going to a halloween meet with lolitas too =] I'm really looking forward to it as well. You should 'borrow' a neighbours kid/younger family member and go trick or treating one year! It is really fun =]

      I'm a wimp so I never do anything really scary on Halloween, I just like having an excuse to dress up. Maybe I should watch horror films on year though and really terrify myself!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you =] So are you! I just checked out your blog. Love the skeleton cupcakes, those bone sprinkles!!

  3. I love the hat! It is gorgeous!
    the pumpkins looks great!

  4. Look at those pumpkins! Awesome! I planted a patch of pumpkins last year, but some of the plants were ruined by the wacky weather and those, that survided didn't grow bigger, than 10 centimeters, so no pumpkin carving for me this year...I wouldn't know where to put them on the 9th floor anyway...:(

    I love your hat, so creative! ^^

    1. Aww I'm sorry to hear that your pumpkins didn't grow very big, but you might be able to carve teensy little faces on them? Originally jack o'lanterns were carved out of turnips (pumpkins not being native to scotland) and turnips are quite small! We've got our pumpkin on the kitchen windowsill at the back of the house right now because we didn't have time to buy sweets and didn't want trick or treaters to see it until we got some! You can have a pumpkin just for you to enjoy =]

      Thanks, I love it too. Will probably change my mind a little after wearing it for a while though; it's heavy!

  5. Love your pumpkins!
    In fact, I adore everything! =D