Sunday 6 October 2013

First Day at Miss Cackle's Academy?

An outfit I wore last week.
The title of this blog is a reference to The Worst Witch because this dress worn with a tied belt reminded me of the uniform of her school. I loved these books as a kid and like Mildred Hubble I'm very clumsy!

In addition to showing you the outfit, I have to introduce you to someone who decided to photobomb me! Mika the dog =] I set up the camera, then she came out of the bedroom behind me (hence the open door) and set herself down!

Not a bad substitute for Tabby, Mildred's cat. She'd probably be just as bad at flying on a broomstick! Mika belongs to Ash's sister and is probably looking grumpy because her collar broke and so she couldn't go for a walk until we got her a new one!

Some detail shots of my outfit.

What I'm wearing:

Dress: All Saints, via a sale I think it was about £25.
Peter Pan Collar Jumper: Muji, Christmas present last year from Mum
Hat: Vintage via a local market, £12
Accessories: Charity shops, discount stores, gifts and rescued antique keys. The moon ring is new, it was £1.99 in H&M

I really love how warm and comfy outfit was. I do love the autumn! I'm going to be snuggling up in jumpers and woolly tights as much as possible now =]

What are your favourite things to wear when it starts to get chilly?


  1. aw your dog is adorable. And cool dress: I love all-saints. and omg I have to get that moon ring!

    1. Thanks, she's not my dog though. She belongs to Ash's sister who is staying with us =]
      I love all saints too! I'm always scouring their sales for more pretty dresses!

  2. Lovely outfit... very cozy <3! It does have a witchy vibe actually, what with the rings and that jar you're wearing as a pendant, and that long cardigan.
    Also, I love grey and black :D!

    1. Thank you =] It was very cosy and warm! I do like to look a bit witchy from time to time =P
      Grey and Black is one of my favourite colour combinations.

  3. I LOVED that book as a little girl!

    I love the moon ring. The whole outfit is awesome, though.

    Dog photobomb, how cute, ha ha ha.

    I am either very contrary or born on the wrong side of the world, because in winter I tend to want to wear more summery things, and in summer I often want to wear more wintery colours and items. I think I will be looking forward to winter, all this coming summer!

    1. I'm glad someone else remembers it! I loved them too.

      Thank you!

      Hehe, Mika can be a cheeky dog! She's so sweet though =]

      I just want to wear wintry things all year round! I feel odd in summer, like I'm half naked! I hope the summer goes quickly for you so you can get back into wintry clothes!

  4. I just love your dress! It looks so warm and comfy and the combo grey and black is my favourite. I envy your cute hat a little, I'm sure it's 50's insn't it?

    1. Thank you =]

      There was no information about the hat on the stall's price label but I think it might be 50's or a later reproduction? For £12 I'm not going to worry too much!

  5. Oh my, you've taken me down memory lane... I also loved the Worst Witch, and even the show they did.

    Your outfit is super cute, as well as your photo-bombing companion! =P -- you do look like you're heading to your first day of witchcraft school!

    1. I liked the show too! Even the one where they went to college...

      Yay! Mission accomplished. I'm still waiting for Miss Cackle or Dumbledore to write to me and apologise for not inviting me to their schools sooner!