Friday 9 March 2012

Antiques and captives

This morning I was very excited to find that the t-shirt I ordered from had arrived!

I'm wearing:
Raven in a cage t-shirt: 12 quid including p&p!
Skirt: 7 quid in H&M sale
Cardigan: New Look. Was a present.
Necklace: Some ribbon I had lying around
Headband: Birthday present 2 years ago.

I'm also pretty happy because I have finally repaired my antique dressing table.

I found this abandoned on the pavement on the road I lived on in 3rd year. My housemate and I immediately decided to carry it home. We put it in the living room because we had nowhere else to put it (one more reason the landlady hated us- she made us put a sign on it saying 'property of the current tenants- doesn't come with the house' every time people came to look round). We couldn't just leave it there for the bin men, it's so lovely.

The middle mirror was missing so I finally got a new piece of mirror glass cut the other day. The top varnish was very badly scratched, so it still needs some work. As you can see I've started sanding it down for re-staining (but I can't find quite the right colour to re-do it with at the moment).

Still pretty cool though right?

My room is really coming together now. I should be able to take pictures for a guided tour in a couple of weeks =]