Monday 9 April 2012

Of the return of Subculture and ageing

Today (Ok, yesterday because it's now after midnight) I turned 22.
I'm not really very good at celebrating birthdays but I spent today with family and that was perfect.

I did however go out clubbing on Saturday because my favourite clubnight Subculture has returned to its original and rightful home. With the same old crowd and the same mix of music. I've been going to it since I was 14 (because they used to do an under 18's night called Teenculture too) and it feels like home. In fact I spent half my teenage years in that venue at gig's and clubnights.

This made me a very happy bunny, as you can see:

And then the shots kicked in:

Can't quite believe I'm voluntarily posting that one, but it does give you an idea of my sheer joy at being back in the grottiest club in B'ham dancing to old favourite tunes blasted out at an insanely loud volume. Also I was playing the top hat drinking game.1 top hat insult from a stanger = 1 shot, insult type influences the choice of shot e.g. slash comment means JD or tequila from a dirty glass (I assume that all glasses in that venue are less than hygienic, if the carpet is anything to go by...), Alice in Wonderland = something brightly coloured and suspicious looking, I went for blackcurrant aftershock etc etc.

Also I'm rather proud of the outfit. I think it's rather like the ringmaster of a burlesque circus as envisaged by Tim Burton. There aren't any good pictures of it but the dress was made out of many layers of ruffley netting with spots on it. Yay ruffles!

Top hat: Clothes show
Jacket: Early Birthday present from my mum (once again showing how awesome she is)
Dress: 3 quid in a charity shop, originally H&M
Necklace: Present from my friend Natalie, who makes beautiful jewellery (Tillie'sTrinkets). She's on the left in the photo below.
Hair: Dyed with Colour Crazy Vermillion Red. My entire bathroom is now faintly orange...

What do you guys think, good hair colour? Any suggestions of non-peroxide, non-ammonia dyes that might be better are greatly appreciated.


  1. You look lovely and you look like you truly enjoyed yourself. 22 was a good year for me and I know it will be for you ;)Happy Birthday!

  2. First of all: Happy birthday!
    Secondly: your outfit looks soooo cool, I love the hat! I wish I could get away with wearing those hats but they don't suit all^^

  3. Thank you both!

    I hope 22 is good for me too =]

    Aww it's sad that top hats don't suit you countess; I would of thought you'd look wonderful in one. Maybe you just haven't found the right one yet! =]

  4. Happy Birthday! You look fabulous and it looks like you had a good time. My daughter turns 23 tomorrow and 22 has been a pretty good year for her. I hope your twenty-second year is fantastic and filled with only good things :-)

  5. Happy Birthday to your daughter for tomorrow =]

    I'm not hoping for only good because that's too much to ask, but more good than bad would be nice!