Monday 3 September 2012

And the winner is...

I wrote out the names of the people who entered the competition:

Cut the paper into strips:

Put the papers into a hat:

Got Joe to pick a slip of paper:

And the winner is:


I'll be messaging her shortly to get the details of where to send Dreamer the Cemetery Owl =]

I know I promised to put the names into my top hat, but Yesterday I lost it =[ so I had to use my bowler hat instead. Hopefully I will get my hat back next weekend, but at the moment I can't get hold of anyone from the pub where I left it =[

I'll post some pictures from my weekend away tomorrow.


  1. She LOVES owls! I'm glad she won!! Well, I probably would have been just a teensy bit gladder if I'd won, but still ... :D

  2. Ha ha yes indeed i love them. The owl is my totem animal :-). Thank you so much, its not often i have the luck to win something in a giveaway. I'll send you a mail later.

    1. =]
      I even remembered to buy some padded envelopes yesterday so he's all packaged up- i'll be sending him tomorrow or Monday at the latest!