Saturday 9 February 2013

The new arrival

So last weekend I went to London to meet my little nephew! I didn't manage to get too many pictures, babies are hard to photograph I think. I didn't manage to get any pictures of Logan either (because 5 year olds running around with light-sabers are even harder to photograph =P)

I'm going to do the proud auntie thing and post the ones I do have here though anyway.
If you dislike babies or me being mushy look away now! Don't say I didn't warn you!

This is my dad being a proud granddad, although I still think he's too young to have 2 grand-kids! He best enjoy them though, he's not getting any more from me =P

This is my brother's mum (he's my half bro)

My sister-in-law Susy with the little one:

And finally my brother San being a totally modern dad, tablet computer in one hand so get through a hard level on Angry Birds Star Wars for Logan and baby in the other =P

Sometimes I'm sad that due to the practicalities of parenting my brother and sister-in-law never get to goth up anymore. No one could tell that Susy used to lend me her purple lipstick or that Dan has cyberdog t-shirts that are nearly as old as me from these pictures =P Mostly though I'm just glad I have 2 nephews to spoil rotten!

I don't have any pictures of me with Lucas either, partly because those are on dad's camera (if any of them came out) and partly because I only held him for a few minutes. Babies can sense your fear like horses apparently. He knew I was scared of dropping him!


  1. Congrats! ^^

    I wouldn't say I dislike babies, but I don't care much for them; There are people, who say it's the meaning of life, know, it's just not my thing. I like kids, but I get tired of them very fast, and I definitely don't have enough patience to have one on my own. :)

    1. I feel pretty much the same way, also being the youngest in my entire extended family (until the great-grand-kids started arriving) I did not grow up around children. I feel very out of my element with them. Living with Ash's nieces and nephews has helped with that, but also done a lot of convince me that children are definitely not for me!

  2. your nephew is so cute! i want to pinch his cheeks! ^_^