Thursday 28 February 2013

Tiny hand-made things

When I was busy with Uni work last week I needed a new notebook and popped into Wilkinsons, I found a pencil case on sale (I've been looking for a new one for ages) and pens with clock print on them and a matching document wallet. I have a weakness for pretty stationary! It really cheers me up when I'm working. I even decorated the notebook to match everything else at the start of my week off. I used some ribbon I had lying around and the cameo from a necklace I got in a charity shop a while ago for 99p.

I've also done a few bits of sewing this week.

I made a brooch to match my pink jumper because I wanted a moon to go with my vintage star brooch =] I designed it free hand onto some denim I had left from shortening these trousers, back-stitching the outlines (and unpicking it many times when it wasn't right) because I couldn't find my tailor's chalk. Then I filled it in with long stitch. I ironed interfacing onto the back, then covered that with a layer of PVA (paranoid about fraying much?) then I glued it to some cardboard, covered that with felt and added a brooch back, so it's cute but not waterproof =P.

I made the mouse today, it's for my mum as a mother's day gift. It was going to be a bear, but my affinity for mice clearly came through and it's nose looked so mouse-like that I added the big ears, tail and whiskers! I made it up as I went along so it's not surprising it didn't turn out quite right, in fact I'm amazed that all the pieces fitted together at all, even allowing for the fact that when I stuffed it all the seams went crooked =P Not bad for a first attempt at a non-sock toy and the smallest I've ever made though, it's only 3 inches tall. Next time I won't use felt (even through it's great for small seam allowances; no fraying) because it's stiff and that makes the small pieces hard to turn the right way round!

I've also been making jewellery so watch this space for updates on that soon I promise!


  1. I have that pencil case & pen! :-) The notebook looks great & little mouse is so cute.


    1. Yay for Wilkinsons eh? I really like the pencil case.
      Thanks, I really love the mouse, giving him to my mum will be a bit tough!