Sunday 26 February 2012

My student bedroom

In my 3rd year at uni I lived with some wonderful friends in what was for students a fairly nice house. There was however one problem. My landlady was Cruella Deville! She even looked a bit like her (but with way less dress sense). She hated me because I did this to my room, and made it look 'unsightly' without actually breaking any house rules. She was worried no one would want to rent the house after us!

So here is a tour of my student bedroom, redecorated using only white-tack and nails (which of course I polyfillered and repainted when I left).

My door. La Coulisse is french for 'the wings' as in backstage at a theatre in French. I like the idea of my room being behind the scenes and I love the theatre.

On the left wall as you entered my room I hung a mirror and my jewellery diplay boards, as well as other pretty things like my black fairy wings.

In the corner facing the door was my desk. It was always a mess so I didn't take any pictures of it. Above the desk there was a noticeboard, posters, my clock and photos. The picture leaning on the desk is a picture my friend norma drew of me. I couldn't put it on the wall because the frame is really heavy so that would have involved some serious fixings and a power drill.

Here is a picture showing the entire wall.

The wooden bookcase served as a dressing table and a place to display things:

Another reason my landlady disliked me was because I 'made the room look small' by adding 4 bookcases. These 2 stacked on top of each other and a further two small ones in the window bay. I own over 400 books and had to put them somewhere! Unlike most students I didn't move home to parents in the holiday. My student house was my only home.

The curtains I put up around the window were made an old friend's mum. A lovely lady called Barbara, who was like a second mum to me. She died in 2005 and I still miss her so I like to have these to remind me of her.

On the window sill, I kept my signed Siouxsie Sioux poster (also too heavy to hang) and above on the lintel was my collection of glass bottles.

The window bay had a boxed in electrical meter and I used this as a bedside table. The trunk here is full of all my important papers, like the electricity bills!

Above the bed I had more photographs, posters, a lino print by my friend miriam and a silk painting I did in year 9 when we were studying gaudi in art.

Finally a picture of my wardrobe doors. I brought these canvases with Parisian scenes in a charity shop.


  1. This is amazing! Thank you for linking me to this! I've been trying to come up with ways to decorate my dorm room in the fall for a while, and this is a great inspiration.

  2. Really glad I could help =]
    How big will your dorm room be? The rooms in halls of residence here are pretty small and in some you aren't allowed to put anything on the walls, I was lucky to live in a shared house for all 3 years of uni I guess.
    Do you know how strict they'll be about stuff like that?