Tuesday 27 August 2013

Cooking With Hens

Don't worry I'm not cooking the hens, I'm still a vegetarian =]

I'm looking after my friend's mum's house this week with 3 cats and a whole load of chickens! I seem to have earned a reputation as the go-to house-sitter around here =P

I've got lots of fresh food from the greenhouse and their allotment to eat and fresh eggs every day, it's going to be awesome.

It's also a perfect way to kickstart my Bat Fit!

Last night I cooked spaghetti with courgette sauce and spinach balls, I tried to follow this recipe, but I left out the chili because I can't handle it =P (I know, I know, I am a source of shame to both my Trinidadian and Bangladeshi family members, but it burns my mouth so badly). I divided the amounts by 4 to get one portion.

First I prepared the spinach, the leaf parts for me and the tough stalks for the hens (they love fresh veg).

Pureed the garlic (home-grown; it was drying in the greenhouse =]).

I crumbled some slightly stale bread into breadcrumbs (the hens will be eating the rest of the stale bread =P) and grated the cheese. Then I cracked an egg and beat it. As you can see there is no shortage of fresh eggs here, these are from one day!

I blanched, drained and chopped the spinach then mixed all of the ingredients for the spinach balls together. I meant to only pour in half of the egg (to match the proportion of the other ingredients) but my hand slipped and about 3/4 ended up in the bowl so the mixture was a bit runny! I had to drain off some of the egg and give each ball a good squeeze to keep them together, how slimy!

This is what they looked like after cooking:

Then I made the sauce with grated courgette (the ends of the courgette go to the hens as well), garlic and Parmesan. I also cooked spaghetti as I had no rigatoni.

And the finished dish with extra cheese (naughty me), voila!

It tasted pretty good, but I think next time I'll put in some extra herbs or spices to make up for removing the chili =]. Not the healthiest recipe in the world thanks to all the frying but still full of fresh ingredients and a carefully controlled portion, so not a bad start!

I'll post some pictures of the cats and the adorable hens tomorrow when I have the day off work =]


  1. It looks tasty and a good meatless recipe :)
    Oh how I wish I had hens in my garden. I have only two small windows left to find before I can start the building of my hen house. Indeed it's a bliss to have a vegetable garden. I have been selfsustainable when it gomes to garlic :)

    1. It was pretty tasty, I'm a big fan of spinach and often get odd cravings for courgette so it satisfies those too!

      Oh wow, I hope you find the windows soon so you can get hens. They are really great to have around! I'll include a picture of the hen enclosure and houses here when I next post too (it's completely fox proof which is awesome).

      I want a vegetable garden myself now and the time to tend it! I'd grow garlic too - it would be great to never have to buy it, so so yummy!

  2. It looks good... I never made spinach balls, I'll try it. I'm in a vegetarian diet since 2012, just one year and so I don't know a lot of recipes, Is nice found blogs with cool and unusual recipes.



    1. I'd never made them before either, but I had eaten them at a restaurant =]. I've been a vegetarian my entire life and I still don't feel I can cook a very good range of things! I might have to look for some good food blogs to follow =]