Tuesday 30 June 2015

Light and Airy

We have had some nice weather recently, so when I'm not wearing my work uniform (this one is royal blue - not quite so bad as the yellow), I've been trying to wear floaty things and light layers.

This is a bit a of a different look for me - because it feels a bit Edwardian or even 1920's style. I even thought the bloomers with a baggy dress belted at the waist looked a bit like early 20th century bathing costumes. This is a dress I got in a sale and dyed black a while ago - I'm sure I've shown it before. This time, I wanted to draw out the stitching colour by wearing it with cream. I picked the tights and built everything else from there.

Outfit rundown:
Dress: H&M dyed by me
Bloomers: bodyline
Tights: brought from a friend
Lace bolero: Forever 21
Dragonfly brooch: from Whitby present from mum
Belt: it's two bits of ribbon - one cream and one peachy pink, from my stash
Pearls: from my friend Miriam, she got them in China =]
Bracelets: New Look and Primark
Flowers: H&M
Hairband: Discount store on the local high street £1.99

My hair was being uncooperative as unusual, so my bun was messier than I would have liked but otherwise I'm quite happy with this one =]


  1. What a wonderful look. It really has early 20th century bathing suits vibes. Especially the cream-coloured stitching makes the dress look very retro-ish. I would have never guessed it's from H&M, it looks like an actual antique piece of clothing.

  2. Love the outfit! Very Edwardian Modern, much jealousy!