Wednesday 15 June 2016

Floating like a butterfly, busy as a bee

I've had a hell of a 2016 so far, the high points have been high...Trip to Paris for research, getting more hours at work, exciting new projects, holiday with my boyfriend. And the low points have been soul crushing, included loosing 3 people I love in less than 6 months- my granddad in January, my nana in April and Marie, my dad's long-term girlfriend just last week.

I also got my bag stolen from the office at work, losing a uni library book, my passport, a notebook full of notes (mostly for freelance projects - which I had to redo unpaid), my trusty camera, and worst of all my netbook- my only computer, and a machine I hadn't backed up properly for a few months because of a fault with my external hard drive (lost on 27th April and I still wake up shaking or feel sick halfway through a conversation because I suddenly remember another file or fmily photo I've lost forever).

I'm slowly clawing my life back together, trying to finish some projects, groping around for time to pick others back up from where I dropped them, helped by 6 months off uni to redo lost thesis work. Most of the time though I feel like I'm cut adrift, floating above my own life and unable to regain control - every time I almost figure it out, life blindsides me again - the laptop I borrowed breaks and I lose more work, or someone else is gone forever.

The next week is going to be insanely busy- clearing my office at uni (taking time out means losing my desk), my cousins wedding, a big event at work and I'll be house sitting for a friend- meaning a 2 hour commute each way, every day. The next couple of days I'm trying to get everything ready, and panicking a bit. I'm really glad I found time to make cards though.

I'm not sure how well it shows but I cut the outside of the frame with scissors which created a bevelled effect, and also scored some designs in from the reverse. The butterfly stickers don't quite correspond to real species, but the ones I've written underneath are pretty close.

One of these will be for Fathers Day- my dad has had an unbelievably tough few weeks, but watching the rare butterflies in his local park has been a big solace. The other card is for my best friends birthday tomorrow, last year we celebrated with a trip to a butterfly farm.

I hope to be back soon - hopefully with a proper camera for photos too! I miss you all dear readers.


  1. Sorry to hear about your crappy year. Loosing people three people in six month the pain must is imaginable. It's great to hear you posting again and have more hours at work. Wishing all the best for 2016, hopefully things will get easier.

    Ps Love your cards there beautiful, I love butterflies.

    1. I think everyone's had a bad year, it's been one tragedy after another in the news. Hopefully it can only get better for everyone.

      Thanks, I love butterflies too, I brought these stickers ages ago and kept hoarding them because they were too pretty - glad I thought of a use!

    2. Sometimes when if you go into Poundland they sometimes sell beautiful butterfly's sticker in array various colours. I'm Poundland addict.

  2. Damn, 2016 is horrible for everyone it seems, sorry it was that bad for you so far, hoping now it will get better, second half of the year as new chance maybe!

  3. What a horrible thing to lose your bag on top of the personal losses! When I think of how much of our photos and lives are on computers, I feel so awful for you! Huge hugs and I hope you get everything on track soon!

  4. How awful! We all have those moments where we feel we're barely keeping our heads above the water and one little wave will be the end. I hope things improve for you soon.