Friday 17 February 2012

First attempt at making a complete item of clothing in 5 years

Yesterday I decided to make a skirt.
It was a pretty spur of the moment decision. I brought some black cotton fabric, lace trim and pink velvet ribbon and a pink zip.

When I got home I made a pattern from newspaper.

The waistband is my waist size plus 3 inches for seam allowance.
The skirt is made out of 4 panels which are half my waist measurement in width (plus seam allowance).

I gathered the 4 pieces so that they were each one quarter of the waistband in length, then sewed the side seams, attached the waistband, then put in the zip and hemmed it.

Finally the fun part; I added the trim and ribbon =]

I'm so proud of myself because I've not made a whole piece of clothing since I left school, and I'm happy that the homemade pattern didn't cause any disasters too!

I'm wearing the skirt here with a top I got for Christmas from a friend a couple years back; I don't wear it enough because its hand wash only (also it never felt quite right- so I added a bit of lace trim to the neck today; which is of course my usual response to clothing dilemmas)and some pink and black tights I've had in my drawer for years.
I wore my top hat because today is the first time in ages its been warm enough to leave the house without my beret!
The belt is actually a magnifying glass necklace; I just had to wear it because it has pink crystals on the chain =]

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