Saturday 25 February 2012

Labyrinth outfit

Here is the full outfit with mask:

Please excuse the state of the living room!

This outfit consists of my black petticoat and a black lace strapless dress I got from a clothes swap.
Over that I'm wearing a cream lace top I've had since I was 11 (with added black lace trim) and the remains of a lace skirt I got from the charity shop and hacked (It had a satin lining which I removed, then I cut about 8 inches off the top to get the length. I gathered it at the back. I then decided I wanted it to be shorter at the front, so just pinned it up). I hid all of this with a black scarf tied around the waist and left trailing at the back. I also tucked the piece I had cut off the skirt into the back for added volume.

It was a wonderful party and I had lots of fun. The mask managed to stay intact and only left a small amount of black paint on my face!

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