Tuesday 28 February 2012

Winter outfits

I'm not a big fan of taking pictures of myself, but I like to record my outfit ideas. Therefore I usually just lay the outfit out and take a picture.

Here are a couple of outfits I wore when the temperature dropped below zero this winter.

This first outfit was designed to juggle a difficult task; a visit to the hospital to see my nana (who is still hoping I'll grow out of this 'phase'), which involved getting 3 buses in the snow, and then clubbing. This was my solution:

My white skirt with key and lock pattern, with a black lace skirt underneath, a black poloneck jumper, my black velvet jacket and a black and white striped bowtie. Also my new hat from Bella D'luna who I met at November Nocturne. It's simply lovely and very comfortable, because the comb holds it very securely. Visit her etsy shop here.

Beneath the black poloneck jumper I wore a black strap top with lace overlay (for slight additional warmth in the day and perfect for dancing in).

Also this skirt combination would not be warm enough with this secret weapon:

my grey cable-knit skirt, which makes any outfit winter-proof =]

Ovbiously I also wore my winter coat and my doc martins (with lace edged boot covers). I even made some matching bows from some ribbon and safety pins.

I also swapped the feathered hat for my beret whilst in the snow =P

Lock and key skirt: H&M £7
Black lace skirt: New Look. Present from my mum
Grey knit skirt: Primark £10
Black poloneck jumper: Warehouse. Present from my mum
Black velvet Jacket: Vintage. Present from my mum
Boot covers: Accessorize (+ added lace trim). Present from my auntie.
Bow tie: Came with a cardigan I've had for years.
Hat: Bella D'luna
Black lace top: Oasis. Present from my mum

As you can see my mum has awesome taste in clothes =]

This second outfit is one I wore to the pub on a chilly evening with an old college friend.

I've had this jumper for a few years, but I rarely wear it because of the fact it's kind of chilly at the back! I decided to try wearing it with my corset dress and a long sleeved black top underneath. I added the magic grey skirt, a black lace petticoat, black pearl-style necklace and my key necklace. Obviously this was also teamed with my docs, the lace edged boot covers and my winter coat.

Black and grey striped jumper: Religion via TK Maxx £10
Black corset fronted dress (I wore it backwards): H&M £7.99
Black Lace skirt: same as above
Grey knit skirt: same as above
Boot covers: same as above
Black pearl necklace: Next. 16th birthday present.
Key necklace: This is a collection of antique keys, I have found over the last 6 years. Mostly from wardrobes adandoned on the pavement (yay studentville)

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