Sunday 13 May 2012

My Most Prized Possession

I've been following Le Professeur Gothique's Monthly Homework assignments for a while, but somehow something has prevented me from turning in any homework on time until now.

This month's assignment was really easy for me, the answer was obvious, because although I have a lot of stuff, clothes and books galore, most of those things are replaceable.

The item that I would grab in the event of a fire, flood, horde of zombie etc is more than an object to me, she's someone very special.

Her name is Sandy:

She's a miniature teddy bear. I brought her in a sea-side gift shop when I was 8 for 99p. Since then she has been almost everywhere with me. Sure she's a little grubby (although she does get  regularly washed; I stitch her into the corner of a pillow-case for safety before putting her in the washing machine, twice a year), a bit frayed (see the little hole in her foot?) and her original jacket fell apart years ago (and all of her limbs have had to be re-attached at least once), but she's my friend. She's brought me a great deal of luck over the years (I still sit her on the desk when I do exams) and I'd never be able to replace her.

If I had more time? I'd grab my laptop because having to re-write my thesis would be a dreadful experience!


  1. Cute! ^^
    It's so heart-warming to see people who're so attached to toys, I call my teddies my friends too! :)

  2. AWWWWW!!!! She's so cute! YES! I agree with Lynoire -- it's so heartwarming to see that people are attached to toys! YAY! And thanks for participating.

  3. Thanks everyone. Sandy is very happy that you think she's cute =]

    Also thank you Professor for having monthly homework, it's a great idea. I'll definitely participate again next month =]