Tuesday 15 May 2012

A pirate inspired outfit

I love Steampunk, I'm a member of the Brassgoggles forum and I've been to a couple of local events. I've always found everyone in the community to be really welcoming and friendly. So it's not really surprising that every now and again I wear something that (at least to me) evokes a steam-y feel.

Last week I wore this:

The breeches were originally New Look black jeans. They faded horribly after about 4 washes and then I spilled bleach down them whilst cleaning the bathroom, so I modded them for a pirate club-night I went to. I simply cut the bottom part off, used some of the denim to make 'channels' and threaded ribbon through:

Sorry for the poor quality pictures- the mirror was dusty (we're decorating at the moment) and I didn't realise!

Anyway, I loved them so much that I carried on wearing them!

Here I teamed them with a military inspired cardigan and my octopus necklace for a bit of naval flair. The tie-dye top style I got from the charity shop  for 3 quid, yay!

And just in case you wondered what I look like as an air-ship pirate, here I am on stage in the fancy dress competition, with my friend (in the very fine over-knee boots). We didn't win, the girl in the tutu can do the splits...

Never again will I humiliate myself in this manner, not even for free rum!

However all this does remind me how much I miss having all that hair...sigh. I have to remind myself that it's gone to a good cause!

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