Friday 25 May 2012

Too many stars?

I think the heat has melted my brain...

It's 25 degrees Celsius here today. I'm British; of mostly Irish and Welsh decent. I am not built for this... Give me horizontal hail any day =P

In this situation I have to sit in the shade with a parasol to ensure double sun protection. Why was I cursed with this allergy to sun cream?

Here are my shoes:

Why yes I do add lace trim to all my converse...Doesn't everyone? The red bows are just for today though.
I love the star fishnets too- I got from from my local Blue Banana, but they don't seem to sell those exact ones on the website.

My dress is from another local shop called M Butterfly; they don't appear to have a website. I got this 2 years ago in the sale, for 15 quid =] It's probably the only thing I own with so much pattern on it but I think it's cute!

The parasol is actually an umbrella but that just makes it multi-purpose right?
I got it at the clothes show last year for a fiver =] yay frills!

So do you think this overload of starry print is a sign of heat induced mental instability?


  1. Isn't 25 degrees Celsius only,like,77 degrees fahrenheit? It's already in the 90's(fahrenheit) where I live LOL
    Your parasol is adorable.

  2. Yeah lol- Like I say I'm not built for heat.
    The hottest I have ever been was 38 degrees Celsius, which is like what 100 Fahrenheit?

    I've turned down some foreign holidays before because it'd be too hot!

    It must be something genetic because my brother is even worse than me. He's worked nights for 15 years now to avoid the sun =P He's so pale that he got banned from dressing up at Halloween. He's a casino inspector- so he used to just put in red eye contacts with his tux for Halloween, but it freaked too many people out! Management said it was bad for business =P

  3. Lovely outfit. Noo it's really too hot now. We have the same temperature here in sweden. I could never live in a hot place.

  4. Nor me! I'd die.
    Congrats on Sweden winning Eurovision by the way!

  5. Those shoes are fabulous.

  6. Thank you! I do love converse hehe!