Friday 18 May 2012

Another outfit post

This is an outfit from a couple of days ago:

I think it looks like what the Monster High uniform would look like (if they had one) or a uniform for Gothic Charm School (although it's entirely the wrong shade of pink for the Lady of the Manners!).

What I'm wearing:

Pink skull pattern polo shirt: Criminal Damage, I actually donated this at a clothes swap and my friend's sister had it for 2 years- but when she couldn't fit into it any more (due to the size of her stupendous bosoms), she gave it to my friend; who cut it up for fabric. I'd been thinking about the top, wondering if the friend still wore it and if she'd let me have it back, but asked literally a day too late! What you see here is all that's left; the top half! I stitched it into a black vest top and added some lace to the sleeves (I might post a tutorial on this at some point).

Black jacket: Miss Selfridge. It was a birthday present last year.

Black Skirt: made be me (see here)

Bat brooch: from my Mum, who brought it in Whitby. She meant to give it me at Christmas, but forgot and so I got it in March =P

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