Wednesday 2 May 2012

I might be gone some time...

Heya everyone, I'm sorry I've not been posting for a few days I'm having some technical difficulties (my laptop keeps turning itself off at random...).

I'm also pretty busy at the moment with uni fieldwork and my PhD upgrade panel is looming (argghhh)

Whilst I'm trying to get my computer problems fixed I'm going to be working on my blog ideas on paper.

As a stop-gap here's a little outfit post for you all. This is what I wore for the Post-Gradate colloquium at Uni last week. I cut my head out of the picture because I was having a really bad skin day!

What do you guys think? Professional enough? Too obviously 'spooky'? I'm trying to find something suitable to wear for my upgrade panel so that I can be taken seriously...


  1. I think your outfit looks lovely. I'm probably not the best person to advise on whether it looks professional as I've worked in the arts for the last 23 years and pretty much worn whatever I like (even at important meetings lol). To me it looks smart and professional with your own stylish twist....but I am a woman who took project proposals to funding meetings in a Sesame Street brief case with Bert and Ernie on the front so probably best get someone slightly more responsible's opinion on that ;-)
    Good luck with your Uni work and I hope you'll be back blogging again soon.

  2. I'm not totally sure what an upgrade panel is, but I like the outfit and think it is fairly professional. Maybe swap out the stripes for a solid colored shirt?

  3. Wow I want a sesame street briefcase, that'd be awesome =]

    An upgrade panel is a meeting where I have to persuade several academics that my master's thesis shows 'doctoral potential' in order to upgrade to PhD. If successful I'll be able to get my PhD in 2 years instead of 3.

    I'll have to try it with a solid coloured blouse. I'm also considering a dark red dress with the same blazer.