Monday 23 April 2012

Chocolate fangs

Inspired by Miss Eva's tutorials for Sugar skulls and Bloody brain skull ice cubes I have made some chocolate fangs =]

I made these using an ice cube tray I got from Poundland.

I simply melted white chocolate and poured it into the teeth, then set it in the fridge. I repeated the process with milk chocolate and Ta-Dah!

Next time I will stir the chocolate to remove air bubbles; the teeth are a little deformed!


  1. HA HA. LOVE IT!!! I saw her sugar skull tutorial too. I need to find some cool silicone molds like these. :D

  2. ironic that I want to bite into one of those! Great idea.

  3. Oh, clever idea! I wish they could have ice cube forms like this where I live. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog <3

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  5. Thank you =]they sure are fun to bite into =P

    They still have the moulds in my local Poundland. I'd be happy to send them to anyone who wants one.