Thursday 6 September 2012

The Obituary Challenge

Thanks very much to Shannon for tagging me in this challenge!

The Rules:
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  2. Put these rules in your tag
  3. Write an obituary about yourself (it can be as funny or as serious as you like)
  4. Write a paragraph or two (or more if necessary) in length.
  5. You may tag up to 10 people, and be sure to link them.
  6. Have fun, because creative writing is one of the greatest joys in life!
My Obituary
Josephine (known to all as Josie or Phoenix), age 22, died last week in an unfortunate accident. She tripped and fell into a collapsed vault whilst doing archaeological research at Highgate cemetery and later died in hospital from head and spinal injuries. The cemetery declined to comment today but sources close to Josephie admit tearfully that it was only a matter of time before her extreme clumsiness and general disregard for personal safety resulted in tragedy. It is merely a shame that the historic cemetery she so loved and wished to champion was the source of her demise.

The vault into which she fell is in an area where cemetery records have been lost, through rodent damage to the map books, and upon investigation proved to be empty, with no memorial surviving memorial above ground. There is now a campaign to bury Josephine in this vault and erect a suitable monument to her memory, donations to this fund are welcomed and all are encouraged to sign the petition for burial rights to be granted.

If this campaign is unsuccessful Josephine's body will be transported to the Isle of Harris and interred in a small clifftop graveyard, overlooking the sea, with stunning views of the pure white beaches, clear water, mountains and rocky islands. She helped survey this graveyard during the first year of her undergraduate degree and always carried it's tranquility, isolation and beauty in her heart.

In recognition for her extraordinary devotion to academia, specifically the funerary customs of the 19th century, the latest drafts of her thesis will be edited and compiled by her supervisor and published post-humously. Her extensive collection of books about death and burial will be donated to the University of Birmingham library so that future archaeology students will be able to continue her great work.

[Some of that is true, some of it a product of the worst fears of the FOHC who want me to have insurance before I start surveying and some of it is pure vanity with a heavy dose of romantic wishful thinking =P]

I'm really rubbish at tagging people for challenges; because I always worry about people getting tagged multiple times for the same thing. If you'd like to do this challenge comment below and I'll tag you!


  1. This is very funny how can I write my obituary and what is the legal value of my obituary in obituary records? Here is an obituary if Josephine who wrote it?

    1. It has no legal value, it's not supposed to. It's just an amusing diversion meant to entertain the readers of a blog.