Tuesday 13 March 2012

One lovely blog award

I would like to thank Meagan Kyla and Miss Eva for nominating me. I'm really touched because I am so new to this whole blogging malarkey!

So I've been trying to think of 7 interesting things about me and failing, so I'm sorry if these are a bit dull:
  1. I'm a post-grad archaeology student, studying Victorian cemeteries. Tomorrow I am going to be helping out at Highgate cemetery in London; I'm going to be clearing brambles so expect pictures soon of me looking like an extra from Rambo!
  2. I love shoes but I have really narrow feet so I find it hard to buy them. I have compensated for this by collecting hats and coats instead. Oh so many coats...
  3. The furthest I have ever been away from the UK is Spain; and that was for a Geology fieldtrip. We looked at some rocks in the Tavernas Basin, which is the desert they used for filming the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
  4. I have only ever broken one bone, but I have broken it repeatedly. The little toe on my right foot. I got stood on by a horse, didn't realise it was broken and went trampolining... Since then it has been generally unlucky and been broken 3 more times; including once when I was onstage acting.
  5. I have been to many gigs and met a few famous people, but normally I've managed to act quite cool about it. Expect when I met Peter Hook, the bass player from Joy Divison/NewOrder. He's my bass playing idol and I got all star struck. I couldn't stop smiling for about 2 hours.
  6. I have been vegetarian all my life.
  7. I'm a proud Auntie. This is my nephew Logan when he was 1 day old:

I've not been blogging that long, so I don't follow all that many people; although I've discovered some new blogs to read by looking at other One Lovely Blog winners. Everyone I wanted to nominate has already won, so I'd just like to say thank you to everyone for making me feel welcome in the blogosphere!


  1. Hi! I just came across your blog, which looks very promising. :) I studied archaeology as well, so it seems we have something in common. Two years ago I visited Highgate cemetery. What a fascinating and beautiful place! You certainly have an interesting research topic.

    Feel free to have a look at my blog!

  2. Oh wow, always nice to come across another archaeologist. Where did you study?
    I'll check out your blog now =]

  3. I studied archaeology at Leiden University, in the Netherlands. My specialization was South-American archaeology though. :) Then I did another MA in Cultural Heritage Studies at the University of Amsterdam.
    I just saw placed an entry on Highgate, so I'm going to check it out now!

  4. Wow South-American archaeology, that's awesome. We didn't have the opportunity to study that at my uni; most of the staff specialise in European archaeology of one time period or another. And Egypt of course!
    Did you get to go to South-America?
    My boyfriend has been to Mexico and seen some of the historic sites but I've never had the chance.