Thursday 6 December 2012

Computer says no...

This is just a quick post to let you all know that my beloved netbook, which has been a faithful friend to me for the last 4 and a half years, has departed this life. There is something wrong with the part that connects to the power supply, so it simply won't charge. I'm sure it could be repaired, but the last time I got it repaired (hinge replacement at the end of my 3rd year of uni) the repair cost more than the netbook was worth, and it's worth even less now! Also I know I'm getting a shiny new netbook for Christmas (thank you to my beautiful boyfriend!).

I'll try to post If I can borrow a computer but the number of posts between now and Christmas day might be very low so I'm apologising in advance! I'll still be able to read all your posts, and comments at work on my lunchbreaks, but I won't be able to reply (we only use internet explorer in the office, which isn't supported) so extra apologies for that!

So until I return I hope you are all well, keeping warm away from the bitter weather (or cool away from the sun, for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere!) and looking forward to the festive season!


  1. It's hard when that happens. Apart from the money, you get kind of attached to the machines, don't you? I felt guilty replacing my old faithful camera, but it was barely taking photos anymore!

    Yes, I will be trying to avoid the heat over here! I hope you have a happy Christmas season!

    1. Yeah I was really attached to the old one, I feel so sad that It doesn't work =[ It was so reliable for so long; like the 6 months when it patiently carried on working, held together with masking tape until my dissertation and exams were over and I could get it repaired!

      I had a very happy Christmas, I hope you did too!

  2. It's sad to lose an old friend. But soon enough you'll have a brand new friend, who you'll probably like much more!

    A very happy holiday season to you! :D