Thursday 29 November 2012

Winter wanderings

This is just a quick post to warn you all that I'm going away this weekend. I'm off to Cardiff with my other half to do some more cemetery research =] I'll be studying Cathays Cemetery and I'll make sure to take lots of pretty pictures for you all! If I don't freeze to death that is. It's getting awfully cold to be meandering in graveyards, after this I might have to postpone further field-trips until March!

In the meantime here's a picture of some owls:

The one in the middle is called Ezio (OWLditore, can you tell my boyfriend loves Assassin's Creed? He came up with it and I thought it was genius) but I don't have names for the other 2 yet.

Suggestions anyone?


  1. Those are extremely cute! OMG, really! Did you make them yourself? As the first one is named after a video game, I suggest calling the other ones something geeky/nerdy aswell :)
    I personally would call an owl (or any pet/stuffed animal) Onomatopoeia but that's just me being a student of English^^

    1. I did make them myself =]

      I decided to give them all as gift's though so I left them unnamed so their new owners could choose =]

      Onomatopoeia would be a pretty good name though!