Tuesday 20 November 2012

Bats, blood and hollow hearts.

I had an idea a few weeks ago for a necklace, inspired by Jack the Ripper, Marie Antoinette and Vampires. I ordered some bits and pieces from ebay and hunted for the exact right shade of ribbon in my local craft shops and markets.

The result was this, my cut-throat necklace:

I hope it looks like a slit throat and blood dripping down (but in a decorative way) and reminds people of the thin red ribbon Marie Antoinette wore, making the guillotine chic.

I had to buy 100 of the ribbon crimps and I had so much fun making it I've made 2 more ribbon chokers already.

This one was a present for my friend Meera, I added an extension chain because I couldn't measure her neck without spoiling the birthday surprise somewhat!

With the leftover black ribbon I made this necklace for me, just because I found the bat charm in my local craft shop and thought it was cute:

I wore it today with this outfit (sorry about the picture quality, this is the only full length mirror in my lovely boyfriend's house; men just don't see the point of them I think =P).

What I'm wearing:
Stuff you've seen before many times, with my new bat leggings (New Look kid's department for 5.99!)
I've got my boot covers and walking boot socks on ready to pull on my DM's and brave the cold!

Do you like my necklaces? Anyone have any tips for jewellery making? I seem to get the odd jump ring that stubbornly refuses to close properly, so I hope they don't fall apart!


  1. The necklaces are great! I really want some chokers, but I am too stingy/ lazy at the moment. when I get some material for sewing, maybe I will find a way to make strips of the same material into matching chokers.

    I love your outfit.

  2. Those are both really cute! Have you considered selling them on Etsy?

  3. I adore those necklaces, especially the one inspired by Marie Antoinette. It's incredibly creative. :3

  4. You should really sell those on ETSY because I can't be the only one lusting after them with the complete inability to craft my way out of a paper bag!

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments everyone. I have actually considered selling them on Etsy, because the materials aren't expensive and unlike my hand-sewn projects they don't take a ridiculous amount of time. I'll put a small post about this up later in the week, because I'm going to need a little help from you all.

  6. What a nice idea! I love both of the chokers. I think you should sell them on etsy :)

  7. I love the idea, really! Also, the bat leggins are cute as shit, I wish I had some of those!

  8. Thank you both =]
    I really like the leggings too, I'm sure there are other places that sell them. I was just lucky to find these by accident!

  9. I really like the blood drop necklace, very pretty, great idea!