Thursday 28 November 2013

First Lolita Meet

These photos were taken a little while ago now, at my first meet with the Midlands Lolita Community, we were meeting to take a group photo for the Tea Party Club calender! Our month was September so we went for a back to school theme, with books and satchels, and tried to use autumnal colours in our co-ords =]

I don't have a wealth of autumnal colours in my tiny lolita wardrobe, so I tried to make it extra school-girly! My hair doesn't like co-operating though, so it was trying to escape from the pigtails! Also I couldn't find my fray-check to put on the ribbons so they are all messy at the ends =[

These pictures were taken by the lovely Florence of The Street Style Carousel; she did individual photos of us all while we were waiting for some late arrivals.

What I'm wearing:

JSK: Moi Meme Moitie via egl-comm-sales £85
Socks: Innocent World via egl-comm-sales £10
Blouse: Charity shop in Derby £3
Jacket: Miss Selfridge, gift
Petticoat: Ebay 5 years ago, I think it was £25. I really need a poofier one though!
Detachable lace collar: New Look, I think I got it for £5 with a special offer
Shoes: Primark £8
Hat: Peacocks £9.99
Cameo Brooch: Junk Shop in Minehead £2.50
Star Brooch: Sugarpinkmoon on Etsy £5
Flower Clips: H&M £1.99

I can't wait to see which group picture gets selected for the calender! Many thanks again to Florrie, both for these pictures, the group shots and having to put up with people stopping to ask her what we were doing all day! Also a big thanks to all the Mid Lolis for making me feel so welcome, you guys are the sweetest =]

Thursday 14 November 2013

Butterfly Tights

I've been wanted to get a pair of Grimoire's Verum butterfly tights for ages, but even if I could get my head around the ordering process I couldn't really justify spending so much on tights. I'm too clumsy; what if I laddered them on the first wear?! So instead I've been idly typing butterfly tights into ebay and etsy every couple of weeks, hoping to find an alternative. After about a year of doing this, I got a hit on Etsy for some suspiciously similar tights. The first 2 pictures were clearly of Grimoire's tights (I've since realised that the first was the stock photo from their webstore) but the 4th photo was of a different but similar design. I decided to risk it for £6.39 and free shipping.

When the tights arrived I'm happy to say they did in fact match the 4th photo. I'm actually very pleased because I would have been unhappy about wearing tights that were a successful replica (art theft and all that). The print is the same on the front and back and so doesn't match well on the sides (but for the price I won't grumble). I should have taken a picture of them out of the packet to show them better. They look darker in my pictures as I had black thermal tights underneath because of the cold weather!

I put together a quick outfit to go with them and went a bit overboard with the accessories to match the colours in the tights!

What I'm Wearing:
Jacket: Miss Selfridge
Blouse: H&M (altered by me)
Black Skirt: River Island
Cream Lace Skirt: New Look
(this outfit is actually quite similar to this one, I didn't notice until now)
Tights: Etsy
Brooches and Necklaces: Light Blue Brooch and Glass Bead Necklace from charity shops, Green Brooch, Celtic Cross Brooch and Dark Crystal Necklace were gifts
Boots: New Look
Beret: H&M

Sorry for the bad photos, these were taken in the toilets of a local department store when I was doing a quick bit of Xmas Shopping. I spent most of the day sitting in the pub (with a hot chocolate) writing for NaNoWriMo!

I've just passed the 10,500 word mark so I'm very behind at the moment! My only excuse is that the lovely boyfriend took me to a spa hotel for a few days to relax =] I'm going to try to do 2,500 words a day until I'm back on track. Good luck to anyone else doing NaNoWriMo!

Saturday 2 November 2013

Full Halloween Ensemble

Here's the rest of what I wore on All Hallow's Eve! After spending so much time on the hat, the rest was really just thrown together from clothes I normally wear, with added dramatic make-up!

What I'm wearing:
Hat: See more in this post
Dress: Titania Dress by All Saints, got it in a mega sale a few years ago, I think it was either £27 or £29. I love this dress but I don't wear it often because it's a tad unflattering in the stomach area! I think I need to get some control pants/tights. However, it has skeletal fairies on it so it had to be worn for this outfit!
Lace Dress Underneath: The Titania Dress is a little low and I wanted more lace at the bottom, I got this from a clothes swap
Crochet Skirt: From a charity shop, also seen in this post.
Lace Waistcoat: Lily J in Camden. I think it was quite expensive, maybe £20.
Shawl: The fabric I tattered to be the over-skirt on my zombie prom outfit!
Necklace: A bunch of vintage keys on a chain
Belt: Primark £3

I'm trying to look mysterious and forbidding in these photos, like I'm about to summon the powers of darkness or something. Not sure it worked, I think I just look a bit miffed! =P

Just a warning, for the rest of November I may be posting sporadically, if at all, because I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year!

Monthly Theme: Sweaters!

Or as we call them in the UK; jumpers!

I love to snuggle up in a cosy jumper at this time of year; especially at work where my office is freezing cold!

With that in mind I popped into Primark last week to get myself another jumper for work. I didn't expect to find them stocking a range of Halloween clothes! I brought these 2 jumpers, a t-shirt with bats on it and some skeleton socks =]

The bat patches are made from faux leather and the jumper is nice and warm =] My hair looks dreadful in this picture because I ran out of my good conditioner on that day and so it's acting up, I do apologise! I don't like the turtle neck with this outfit either, but I was going to a bonfire party and wanted my neck to be warm! Next time I'm going to wear it with a peter pan collar =]

What I'm wearing:
Bat Jumper: Primark £14
Black Skirts: River Island via clothes swap and New Look
Leggings: H&M £7.99

I took a worn picture of the second jumper before work one day but it was too blurry and I didn't notice until this morning, so here's a very quick snap of it on the bed!

The ghost part is very fluffy and soft! It has tiny sequins on it too, and whilst I'm not a huge fan of sparkle I think it's quite a cute touch so I'm leaving them on for now! This one was £14 too.

Of course a jumper is for life, not just for Halloween =P These will both be a part of my wardrobe all winter =]

Thanks to Sophistique Noir for such a fun monthly theme!