Friday 23 November 2018

Batty Challenge part 4

This is the last batch of outfits from my October Fundraising challenge for Bat Conservation Trust.

Day 22
Went for a green theme with green skull leggings and tshirt.

Annoyingly the skull on the tshirt wouldn't show up well in any pictures.

Day 23
Another simple outfit with jeans because I was going to a workshop at a local dojo at lunchtime about personal safety. Bat tshirt and sugar skull socks. I know I don't have them on in the photo but I did wear my bat wings and the trainer thought it was really funny.

The tshirt is from Primark a few years ago and the socks are the third pair I got from New Look on the 3 for £5 deal.

Day 24
I didn't post a proper photo because my new glasses were giving me a headache and a half. I got home and went straight to bed for a really long nap! The skirt was a present from my mum and is from Hell Bunny.

Day 25
Wore the bat skirt again because love the pockets so much! It's great for work too because I have to carry keys and my phone and the radio when I'm duty manager.

Also wore stripy leggings because it was cold, so cold that no one actually saw my tshirt at all. Another Primark tshirt. They didn't have any good Halloween clothes this year and it made me sad.

Day 26
Raven in a cage tshirt suggested a lock and key theme, hence the skirt and tights. Tights from TejaJamilla on Etsy, tshirt from Restyle,skirt from H&M.

Day 27
Went on a day trip to see family. I wore the bat skirt with my fluffy ghost jumper to keep warm for 8 hours of coaches & trains! Stripy tights & comfy flat shoes!

Day 28
After all the travelling (and a kid coughing right behind me for hours on the coach) I came down with a horrible cold so stayed in bed in my pj's all day. This was my cosy corner with my Jack Skellington blanket. A day in bed drinking water by the gallon and watching bad TV did me a world of good.

Day 29
Managed to get up around 2pm the following day, dragged myself out of the house too! I wore the spiderweb skirt I made from a Poundland tablecloth years ago and a spider pom pom headband Sam gave me to cheer myself up!

Day 30
I wore the spiderweb skirt again but it didn't show well in the photo with a black underskirt. Had to wear this Cathulhu tshirt Dan and Lex got me (it was a lucky pack tshirt from one of those cool tshirt sites) and also my other haunted mansion socks before the month was over!

Day 31
My final outfit & I was feeling emotional about how generous everyone had been. I had to make my Bat Conservation Trust bat heart tshirt the centepiece for the last day. My manager took the photo in the museum. Also bus selfie cause that's where I did my makeup. I'm such a responsible adult putting on my skull makeup at 8.10am before a full day at work and a meeting with my thesis supervisor! After the meeting I got to go back to Sarehole Mill and help with pumpkin flotilla too! Perfect Halloween!

Overall it was an amazing month and I had a lot of fun. I didn't get to wear all the outfits I wanted to though so expect a couple more in the near future which are clearly Halloween inspired!!

I also ended my challenge by Adopting a bat from Bat Conservation Trust. His name is Dobby.

He is a brown long eared bat. You can adopt a bat too! Click here to adopt a bat!

Saturday 3 November 2018

Batty Challenge Week 3

Hello everyone!

I'm really behind with posting my October outfits from my Bat Challenge here, but I am determined to get back on track because social media is so ephemeral and I'm worried its easy to lose the memories there!

Day 15
I wore this super fun t-shirt that was one of my leaving presents from Sarehole Mill. It was from an Etsy store but I'm not sure which one. It's a boys large size, sometimes being pint-sized is useful!

Also I got my first pair of glasses, and felt drunk everytime I wore them because distances were different. I am still not used to them, but I can at least wear them without getting a headache now!

Day 16
My outfit was a repeat but I did wear new Hallow-Queen socks from New Look (3 pairs for £5!)

Day 17
We checked into the hotel where my friends wedding was going to be held the next day. 
It was amazing, like Hogwarts! And the grounds were a deer park! This was the view from our window. 

When we get the professional photos back, I will ask her if I can share some here! We had dinner in the restaurant there which was really fancy (like dessert was bigger than some of the main courses fancy) and I meant to take my headband off but forgot... That's probably worse than elbows on the table! 

Day 18
When I started this challenge I forgot to take into account that I was being a bridesmaid during the month. This was my solution. A photo of the pj's I wore while I got my hair done. My the top and leggings are from ASOS, a couple of years ago. The print on the top glows in the dark but it's crumbling away sadly. 

Even if I don't post any other photos from the wedding, I promise to scan in the silly photo booth pictures so you can see my dress and cape!

Day 19
The day after the wedding, I was really tired even though it wasn't a particularly late night and I didn't drink a lot. I think it was an introvert hangover of sorts, either way when we got home I slept for 4 hours in the afternoon! 
Before that though I wore this black cat theme outfit. I love this dancing days skirt- it was a Christmas present from my mum. 

Day 20

The next day I was back at work and needed the comfort of my fluffy ghost jumper while tackling my email backlog from being off for 3 days (78 unread, after I deleted the definitely junk ones). Headband was a present from one of my volunteers which made me smile! The jumper is from Primark.

Day 21
For the end of week 3 I added the mini witch hat and some black and purple striped tights to another ghost jumper outfit.

I realised after I wore them that those tights have been in my wardrobe for 13 years! Crazy huh?  I guess my style hasn't changed that much!