Friday 24 July 2015

Holiday time!

Sorry I've been away for a little while again. I had a few days off work and visited Bournemouth with friends! I'm afraid I don't have any pictures of the town because I was too busy having fun! We ate a lot of good food and did some shopping. We also visited the Russell Cotes museum - which is housed in an incredible building. They also had a Mucha exhibition on, I was so happy!!

I tried to wear fun clothes on holiday so I'd have lots of outfit posts for my blog, but I completely forgot to take photos. In fact this is my only outfit snap! Ironic because it's taken in a dark room rather than a sunny beach!!

This picture was taken in the dressing room at White Stuff, just before I tried on a blouse - which fitted  really well. I'm hoping to wear it tomorrow in fact =] luckily it was in the sale too!

Outfit rundown
Dress - I got this in a vintage shop in the oasis markets in Birmingham, about 6 months ago. I haggled and got it for £15. I reaaaalllyy love the fabric.
Cardigan - It's an old New Look one. I like the tiny pockets and slight puff sleeves =]
Peter pan collar - it's a detachable one, also New Look, pretty old now so some of the pearls are loose.
Leggings - they are white fishnet with lace at the bottom - I got them on holiday in Weymouth in a shop called Limelight... about 10 years ago. They have a lot of loose elastic threads in the cuffs now, but they are so useful for warm weather and I have no idea where I'd buy anything similar today!
Socks - Primark £2 - the lace is falling off after only 2 washes, but I can easily sew them up.
Shoes - Converse - they were a present from my mum a couple years back. The shade of grey is slightly paler than the dress which is annoying me more than it should
Hair - white ribbon and a grey/black flower £1 in a high street discount shop
Necklace - Curiology bat cage design - it was a surprise gift from my friend Holly - she sent me a care package when I was ill a few months ago. Aren't I lucky?! The necklace isn't actually this long, but I liked the look, so it's safety pinned to my dress and hidden by the collar!
Petticoat - I have a very light petticoat underneath.

I hope you are all having a lovely summer! Don't make my mistake and take lots of photos!!