Sunday 16 March 2014

New Job!

Sorry for not posting for a month, I've been mega busy...

One of the reasons for that is that I'm preparing to return to uni very soon, and I have to give a talk to my whole department a week after I get back =S, then I'm probably going to a conference a week later and giving a different talk there!

The other reason that I've been busy is that I applied for a new job, then I attended an interview day with group exercises and an interview panel. I'm immensely happy to say that I've got the job!

I'll be working for Birmingham Museums Trust in 2 of their historic properties!

Sarehole Mill
Sarehole Mill
(image source and info about Sarehole Mill here)

Aston Hall
Aston Hall
(image source and info about Aston Hall here)

The position is Visitor Service Assistant, which means I'll be doing a wide range of things including tours, 'gallery duty' (where you have to stand in one part of the museum to answer questions, assist people and make sure no one is trying to steal things!), working with school groups, working on reception and the shop and helping in the cafe. I'm working 11.45-4.30 6 days a week, my day off is Monday. I'm going to keep my other job with Moseley History Group too, so I'll be working 10.30-12.30 on a Monday. This means I'll be working a total of 27.5 hours a week, plus the 20 hours I'm supposed to put into my PhD. I think it'll be tough simply because I don't have a day off (unless I book holiday), but this job is an excellent opportunity for me to get experience of working in a museum and it's only until November, so maybe I can get something with less hours after that!

I was worried that this blog would get neglected but because I'm going to be so busy, but then I realised that I'm going to be working somewhere where it's safer/easier to wear pretty clothes and they have no dress code! I'm going to be able to wear nice things more often, which will definitely encourage me to blog more =]

Also I'm hoping that since by necessity i'll have to have a routine for getting my uni work done, so i'll have more of a clear idea of what free time I can work on DIY projects in, so hopefully I'll have more things I've made to show you all too!

Right now I'm very excited about the future! I hope you will all bear with me a little while I get settled in though; I start my new job on April 13th, so expect erratic updating until May!