Monday 1 September 2014

Skulls and Roses

It seems I'm getting into a habit of planning an outfit on Sunday to wear on Monday, which is nice because it means I wear more interesting combinations from my wardrobe at least once a week (partly making up for having to now spend two days in YELLOW work uniform).

Today's outfit is based around this dress, which I got ages ago and don't wear very often. I find it hard to coordinate because of the shape - it's too narrow to wear with my usual a-line skirts, and slightly too short to feel decent on it's own. I have featured it on the blog before here, but I didn't actually dare leave the house in that outfit! I wanted to find something to do with it though because the print is so much fun.

Here's what I came up with:

 Some close-ups:

Sorry again about the lighting and the photo quality - I did try to clean the mirror but it's old and some of the silver backing has rubbed away!

What I'm wearing:
Dress: Topshop £10
Skirt: It's actually my velvet one, from Next, usually a corpgoth staple for me.
Jacket: Discount shop on my local high st plus lace added by me, featured many times before
Tights: £3 brought from Lizzie who had 2 pairs the same
Boot Covers: Present from Auntie Pam with lace added by me.
Boots: Doc Martins, with skull flock pattern, £90 in the sale
Accessories: Red bows from my Meta velvet skirt, Grey bow made my me for my enchanted outfit, flowers all H&M. The 'necklace' is a piece of lace I tied round my neck - I want to make chokers with this lace on them - so it's a 'does this itch?' test! 

I quite like it, although it's very odd to wear so much colour! I certainly look eccentric but I'm not sure it can be goth with so little black, even with skulls, bones and roses all over it... What do you guys think? 
Do you like to step out of your comfort zone with clothes sometimes?