Tuesday 26 June 2012

Goth in the Office. Phase 1. Outfit 1.

Today was my first full day at work and I really enjoyed it. I am however still feeling pretty ill. In fact I've been taking paracetamol to bring my fever down; this is probably the first time I've taken any form of pain-killers for 5 years. I just can't afford to get worse because I have to work again in the morning (normally I won't work Wednesday's but because I had plans to go away for the weekend before I got the job this week is different). At least it helps me sleep.

I hope this will excuse the poor quality of of photographs!

The first phase of Goth in the Office: Infiltration.

I'm sticking to greys and blacks with feminine touches and accessories this week to subtly ease my new colleagues into my style.

This is a horrible picture but I forgot to think of a good set-up for photographs and this was all I could manage early in the morning! I'll improve it tomorrow!
In the meantime here are some jewellery close-ups:

What I'm wearing:
Blazer: New Look 24.99. It's new!
Grey peter-pan collared jumper: Topshop. Present from mum last year.
Skirt: Topshop: Also a present, also from mum. got it for my birthday this year.
Tights: Primark 2.50.
Shoes: Primark 8 quid.
Dragonfly brooch: From Whitby also a present =]
Rose Necklace: Clare's Accessories. Present from my friend Pip many years ago =]

I think I must have been channelling Wednesday Addams at 7.30 this morning =P

For my wardrobe that's a remarkably new ensemble, I surprised myself. I often wear outfits that are older than I am; if you add together how long I've owned everything I'm wearing!
Am I the only one still wearing clothes they've had for a decade?

Tomorrow's pictures will be better I promise.


  1. You look very nice. Definitely like a grown-up Wednesday Addams. Good luck at the new job!

    No, you certainly aren't the only one that wears clothes they've had for a decade. Not counting some of my vintage pieces, and a sweater that was my mother's when she was a teenager, I routinely wear stuff that I had in high school. If it still fits and is in good condition, why not?

  2. Phew!
    Although to be honest a lot of my clothes aren't in amazingly good condition. I'm kind of clumsy so they often have holes in them =P especially tights or anything with lace. I just throw a lot of layers together and hope no one notices!