Friday 8 June 2012

Red and Black week. Day 6

Finally a proper post, with new pictures! Here's a run down of all my red and black outfits!

Day 1
The weather was horrible, I didn't really feel like dressing up, or even drying my hair because it was going to get wet again as soon as I stepped out of the door! I was only going for a quiet family dinner and knew I'd probably spend a lot of time running around after my 4 year old nephew anyway =]

What I'm wearing:
Red and black lace top: hand me down from my friend Pip, I've had it since I was 13.
Black long sleeve top: Dorothy Perkins, present many years ago
Jeans: Rag Market stall, 5 quid, about 7 years ago. I have 2 pairs, these are the ones that still have an intact rear!
Necklace: Alchemy Gothic.Present from my brother.

Day 2
Another day with the family; my sister-in-law wanted to see me in a corset hehe! I was originally going to wear a floaty skirt, but the continuing rain made me want something warmer! I played pirate lego with my nephew and discovered that it is possible to play Swingball in a corset!

What I'm wearing:
Top: Tammy when I was 11. It's a little short on my now but otherwise still fits! It was supposed to lace up with red ribbon but mine didn't come with any. I use a couple of old chains and a charity shop pendant instead.
Corset: 20 quid from a model on VF who'd grown out of it
Trousers: My pirate trousers again
Wooly tights: M&S kids department; they are so warm!

Day 3
I had an important uni meeting to attend so I thought I'd try to look professional!

What I'm wearing:
Dress: 3 quid in Sue Ryder chairty shop. Originally Topshop.
Jacket: My trusty Miss Selfridge one, you've seen it before
Key Brooch: Vintage sale. It has a little red gem in the centre which sadly doesn't show in the picture.
Necklace: German Christmas Market. Present from an old boyfriend.

Day 4
My outfit was terribly unexciting, just black jeans and an old Alkaline Trio t-shirt (Black with red lettering) so I didn't bother to photograph it, but here is my swimming gear. The bag I made to go with my other swimdress, which is the same but in black and white polkadots! I lined it with waterproof fabric salvaged from an old pac-a-mac.

Day 5
I had to go visit my Nana (who I mentioned yesterday) so I thought I should dress 'nice'! We still haven't finished wallpapering the living room sorry!

I wasn't sure about the scarf:

What I'm wearing:
Jumper: 5 pounds in Primark
Skirt: British Heart Foundation, 3.99. Originally New Look.
Tights: More M&S kids, I have about 10 pairs.
Scarf: Market stall, about 2 quid.
I'm also secretly wearing a grey cable knit skirt underneath for added warmth!

In the end I wore a choker instead because I wanted to wear it once this week:

The choker has a vintage Parisian cameo button on it. It cost me 12 GBP, shockingly expensive for me!

Day 6
Today I was sad to see it raining again. I've been saving this dress since the theme was announced. I was hoping to go frolick in some meadows and pretend I was in little house on the prairie! I got this from a vintage shop for a tenner last year and added all the black trimmings.

Hopefully if the weather is better I'll wear it next week =]. For now though I'll curl up and re-paint my nails. I've been wearing red and black all week and they need re-doing again!

The CK nail varnish was a Christmas present, not really my shade of red, but it's all I had. Of course I have about 4 pots of cheap black nail varnish though!

I've had so much fun this week! I hope you've enjoyed reading my entries =]


  1. So many awesome outfits! I love every one of them. You have a great style. I am glad you were able to get them all posted today. :)

    I actually TOTALLY love the red scarf with the last outfit. It's so bold and flirty!

  2. Thank you =]

    I don't really do flirty all that well- maybe that's why I felt uncomfortable wearing it!

  3. Such cute outfits!! :) xx