Tuesday 12 June 2012

I'm just a regular girl... honest!

This is an outfit I wore to hand out CVs a couple of weeks ago but forgot to post.

I wanted to fool potential employers into thinking this is the most black I ever wear (instead of the least!) in the hope that they'd be more inclined to hire me! I was applying for cafe jobs where I'd have to wear a black uniform to work anyway =P

What I'm wearing:
Lace cardigan: £10 Forever 21
Vest top and Skirt: Topshop, mum's choice.
Quartz crystal necklace: Oasis markets a long time ago- I think it was about £8.

Normally I wear this vest top beneath a low cut black shirt so you can only see a tiny bit of the pink and wear a black lace skirt with it as a petticoat. Wearing this much colour made me feel faintly uncomfortable! Don't worry I didn't go out job hunting with my hair looking like that; I waited for it to dry and then I even brushed it =P.

As well as the pink floral hair-slide, I dug out some other old accessories:

I wear the black bracelet a lot but the pink one had been in my jewellery box for years; I've decided I actually quite like it so I'm going to replace the elastic; it's gone loose and frayed with age, as you can probably see in the picture.

I really like the mother of pearl ring too, I found it in a seaside gift-shop- I stopped wearing it because it turned my finger green but I've applied a coat of clear nail varnish to the inside now which I heard stops that happening.

I didn't hear back from any of the places I applied, so I guess my attempts to blend in were unsuccessful, or my CV isn't as good as they told me it was on the CV writing course!

When you read this post I'll be in the British Library doing research for my thesis, because a girl can never have too many books about dead things =P

And I wonder why I can't  get a normal job...


  1. Sorry to hear that you didn't get any hits with your CV, but you do look nice (if not thrilled about wearing so much color).

  2. Thank you =]

    I've written a new simplified CV so hopefully I'll get more luck with this one!