Sunday 9 September 2012

Spiderweb bustle skirt

I got up early this morning and finished making my webby skirt - although it took far longer than it should. My sewing machine really needs to be serviced!

Here it is, I think it looks pretty good for something made from 2 1quid tablecloths, a length of elastic and 2 brooch backs:

I made one of the tablecloths into the bustle by folding it to make 2 layers (one longer than the other) and gathering it, then stitching it to 2 brooch backs.
Then I cut the other one in half, on a slight diagonal in order to made a skirt that was longer at the back than the front. I stitched the 2 halves together, made a hem at the top, leaving a small opening and threaded the elastic through, then stitched the opening closed.

What do you guys think of it?


  1. You did this skirt?
    It's awesome! The back side has a lovely victorian vibe *_*. It also fits you very well :)!

    1. Thanks, that's definately what I was aiming for- it'll fit with my Magique Victorienne theme!

  2. Super cute! I also have a tablecloth skirt, mine has cemetery gates on it. I like how you kept the scalloped edges along the hem. I hope you have a night out planned to show it off!

    1. Oh wow. I'd love a skirt with cemetery gates on it; where on earth did you fnd a tablecloth that cool???

      I wore it to dinner with my boyfriend's family yesterday =]