Wednesday 15 February 2012

Handy ribbon storage

This project is just a little something I threw together a couple of weeks ago because I was sick of never been able to find anything in my many bags and boxes of craft supplies. I love ribbon and lace- I add them to practically ever thing I own.

This is a simple way of keeping my ribbon and lace trim neatly rolled and being able to see at a glance what colours I already have and how much there is of it.

I used:

A large piece of black foamboard
Some black plastic coathangers
The cardboard tubes from inside rolls of kitchen foil
A glue gun
A craft knife
A cutting board

First I measured all the tubes- one was a little longer so I cut it down to size.

Then I cut the straight part off the bottom of 4 plastic coathangers- I used a junior hacksaw but I could have probably managed with the stanley kife- I was just being impatient!

Then I cut out a piece of foamboard that was the same width as these straight bars and long enough to space the rolls out a bit (measurements 32 x 48cm). I also cut 4 side panels which were 8cm wide.

I attached the top, bottom and one side panel to the main piece with hot glue- burnig my fingers and making a right mess in the process. Then I stuck the plastic rods on the side panel- evenly spacing them out.

Then I slid the tubes onto the rods before gluing the other end onto the side panel and attaching the side panel to the rest of the holder.

It was now ready for adding ribbon! Each reel of thread is secured at one end with sellotape and then wrapped around- I just pinned the other end to stop it unravelling again.

I'll probably finish the front edges with black electrical tape to hide my untidy edges at some point.

This will be hung on the side of my new wardrobe (when I get round to constructing it!)

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