Thursday 23 February 2012

Labyrinth Mask

Tomorrow my friend is having a Masquerade party for her 21st birthday.

When I got my invite. I immediately decided that this was the perfect excuse to finish the blank paper mache mask I made last year. I also knew it had to be based on those worn by the guests at the ball in Labyrinth.

I've made a Brian Froud style goblin mask once before, but gave it to a friend for her birthday (and I have no pictures of it =[).

This time I get to keep it =]

I used:
- today's free newspaper (dad wasn't too happy because he hadn't read it yet...)
- PVA glue (diluted with water)
- glue gun and glue sticks
- a black sharpie
- scissors
- clear plastic sheet (recycled from a box of cards)
- pipe cleaners
- acrylic paint
- black ribbon

I took the blank full face mask I already made; which I modelled on a plastic mask from the pound shop, and drew the outline shape and eyeholes. I changed my mind a few times but I'm happy with the final slightly assymetric effect. I also drew the lines on for where I wanted the raised details.

Then I cut it out (with a little difficulty, a craft knife might have worked better).

I draw the ear shape onto the clear plastic (plus a tab for attachment) and cut it out. I then drew around this for the second one to make them match.

I glued the ears onto the mask and then used the hot glue to create the raised lines. I used the clear plastic for the ears because the heat from the glue deforms the plastic slightly and so it's good for moulding the ear shape.

Then I added another couple of layers of paper mache (I just tore up the newspaper and dipped it in watered down PVA glue before applying).

The horns are just pipe cleaners bent into shape and glued on. I covered them with paper mache- which was really tricky because winding damp newspaper is difficult, especially as the strips had to be very narrow to keep the shape right.

I painted the whole mask black, then added some cream paint to the raised areas. I then very carefully dabbed the tiniest amount of gold paint onto the whole surface. If this mask looks a little like a kid's finger painting- that's because the best way I found to add the gold subtly was to use the tiniest amount and my finger to apply it! I'm sure there is a better way but I'm no artist.

Finally I added the black ribbon to both sides so I could tie it on.

Here the mask is surrounded by supplies:

And a close up of the finished thing:

Sorry for the poor quality photo's but I'll hopefully be taking photos of the full outfit tomorrow.

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