Tuesday 3 July 2012

Goth in the Office. Phase 2. Outfits 1 and 2.

Sorry I didn't post yesterday; I was really knackered after a weekend of travelling and work.

As I mentioned last week, Phase 2 is to include typically gothy details in my outfits, but balance them out by including colour.

For the first day I decided to start small; including patterned tights which aren't typically part of most people's work wardrobe.

What I'm wearing:
Jacket: New Look 24.99.
Flower brooch: Claire's accessories 2.50.
Purple top: Laura Ashley, Present from my auntie.
Velvet Skirt: Next
Purple tights: Pamella Mann. Present from my friend Anya.
Black flower print tights: Primark 2.50.

Today's outfit was a bit more risky, I decided to play with the silhouette a bit, wearing a bit poofy skirt instead of the narrow A-line and pencil skirts I've been wearing so far. This skirt isn't really work appropriate; to be honest I didn't realise how short it was until I got home tonight! I was in too much of a rush to look in the mirror this morning. No one complained though thankfully- it's a pretty laid back office! Sitting down all day probably helped...

What I'm wearing:
Blazer: As above; you'll be seeing a lot of this!
Green blouse: Miss Selfridge. Another present from Mum, 3 years ago.
Black strap top: M&S. I don't remember buying it... I have so many black strap tops!
Rose Belt: New Look; I think. It was a present last christmas
Black Skirt: River Island. This is new, well quite new. I got it for my birthday =]
Black ribbed tights: Primark 2 quid.

Tomorrow I'm not working so I'll be posting something different for those who are getting a little bored of seeing my work clothes!

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